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3 Tips For Looking Professional At A Job Interview

Regardless of how much we’d like to think that the way we look doesn’t matter, it’s a proven fact that attractive people generally get more breaks in life. One area where this may prove to be even more true is in a job interview setting. However, being attractive shouldn’t be your main concern during a job interview—looking right for the job should be. So to help you dress to impress and feel confident enough to nail your interview, here are three tips for looking professional at a job interview.


Get Your Attire Right

Dressing the part for a job interview is a major portion of looking professional in the eyes of your potential employer. However, not all job interviews require that you dress in a blazer or pantsuit. According to Jacquelyn Smith, a contributor to, it’s more important to wear something that makes you look and feel confident. Depending on the field or industry you’re hoping to work in, the appropriate type of attire will vary. But keep in mind, skirts that are too tight or too short, tops that show too much cleavage, and going overboard on makeup or perfume are big no-no’s for almost all job interviews.  

Be Careful With Color

Not only is the type of clothes you wear going to say something about your professionalism, but even the colors of those clothes could have an impact on how well your interview goes. Depending on your skin tone, you likely have certain colors that look better on you. But according to Brian Zeng, a contributor to, there are certain colors everyone should try to avoid.

Busy patterns and large blocks of red or black could prove to be distracting or intimidating to your interviewer. So to ensure there’s nothing about the color of your clothes holding you back from having a great interview experience, try sticking to neutrals like dark blue or gray and adding accents of color for some personality.

Keep Your Stuff Organized

Everything about you is being judged during an interview, from the way you look to the way you handle yourself. It all comes together to hopefully show that you’re professional and would be a good hire. One huge thing that can deter an interviewer from seeing your professionalism and potential is if you appear unorganized. That’s why Katie Douthwaite Wolf, a contributor to, suggests having anything you may need during your interview, like your references or a pen, readily available and easy to present.

While looking professional during a job interview likely won’t be the single thing that lands you the job, it can go a long way toward helping you stand out from the crowd and be a memorable candidate. Use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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