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3 Ways to Adjust Your Makeup For Office Settings

While most women want to feel beautiful and refreshed for the start of a new day at the office, knowing how you should do your makeup in an office setting can be challenging. For spending a day at home or a night on the town, you can essentially wear your makeup in any way you want. But when you’re on the clock, what you look like can be not only a representation of yourself, but also a representation of your company. So to help you look and feel ready to greet your workday, here are three ways you can adjust your normal makeup routine to better fit an office setting.

Be Wary of Fake Lashes

At work, your primary focus should be on the job you have to do, not on what you look like or maintaining your perfect makeup. For this reason, it’s best to avoid styles to require too many touch-ups during the day. For many people, this will include wearing fake lashes. According to, wearing false lashes can often result in problems with the glue or having them fall off, which could be a big distraction during a meeting or conference call. So rather than wearing false lashes at work, go with just mascara instead.

Focus On Either Eyes or Lips

Overdoing your makeup at work can have the potential to negatively affect you. Especially if it causes rifts between you and your coworkers or boss, you should leave heavy, expressive makeup for outside the office. However, Kara Manos, a contributor to Business Insider, shares that you can often get away with something bold if you pair it with something subtle. For example, if you want to wear a bold lip to work, keep your eyes neutral, or vice versa. This will help keep your looks balanced and not distracting to others at your office.

Warm Up Your Complexion

If you don’t like wearing makeup and don’t feel like it’s necessary to even think about when you’re at work, you may want to consider how your basic look could affect the way people perceive you at the office. According to Julie Teen, a contributor to, if your complexion is too washed out or dry, it can make you appear tired and not ready to take on the day. Knowing this, you may want to at least warm up your complexion with bronzer or blush so your face reflects the healthiness you feel in your mind and body, which can greater showcase the determination you have to accomplish some good work at the office that day.

If you’re concerned about how your makeup can better match your office setting, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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