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3 Ways To Find More Time In Your Busy Work Day

As a working woman, it seems as though there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything you have on your to-do lists. From professional calendars and familial obligations to physical fitness and personal goals, 24 hours isn’t satisfactory. However, it’s all we have. So for those women who need some help finding ways to make the absolute most of those few hours we’re given to accomplish our tasks, here are three ways you can find more time in your busy work day.


Make A Plan

Without a solid plan, it’s almost guaranteed that something will slip through the cracks and not get finished. Especially when you have a long list of items you need to take care of in a day, a plan for how to accomplish these things will prove to be invaluable.

Daniel Scalco, a contributor to the Huffington Post, recommends for you to organize your plans around your energy levels throughout the day. This means if you find yourself to be most productive in the morning, plan to take care of your most important or overwhelming tasks then. However, if you need time to build up to your most energized level in the middle of the day, try tackling smaller, more mundane tasks in the morning and save the high-energy tasks for your high-energy times.

Meals at Meetings

Although enjoying a meal is something that many women look forward to and savor during their day, there are also many times where meals fall by the wayside due to a lack of time. However, you can kill two proverbial birds with one stone by putting your tasks together with your meals by holding the majority of your meetings or brainstorming sessions in conjunction with a meal. In fact, Agu de Marco, a contributor to, shares that having a “working lunch” can help to bring new, fresh ideas as well as boost your productivity throughout the rest of the day.

Inactive Commute

Depending on how far you live from your place of business, you could be wasting a lot of your time in an active commute to and from work each day. To be more specific, Christopher Ingram of the Washington Post reports that the average person spends 26 minutes commuting one-way to work each day. That’s almost an hour you could spend in a much more productive way. But rather than trying to finish work while driving and endangering yourself by being distracted, consider how you could alter your commute in a less active way, like taking a bus or train, which allows you to complete work while traveling to the job site.

By being creative and managing your priorities, you can find ways within your day to create more productive time. Use the tips mentioned above to help you get on your way to a more productive work day.


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