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3 Ways To Live A Healthier Life When You Work 40+ Hours Per Week

For many women, life can be stressful enough even when you’re not working 40+ hours per week each month. But for those women who feel like work is simply taking over their lives, it may make you more vulnerable to unhealthy behaviors that you feel might be helping you cope with the stresses of your life. However, by committing to living a life that’s truly healthy, you can find the strength and motivation to make the most of each workday while also finding time for yourself and the ones you love. To show you how, here are three ways you can begin living a healthier life when you work 40+ hours per week.

Get The Sleep Your Body Needs

If you’re working a lot, there are likely areas of your life that you have to sacrifice in a little. For many people, the first thing that goes is sleep. But if you want to be healthy and have the energy you need to get everything done in your life, you have to make sleep a top priority. To help with this, John Fawkes, a contributor to, suggests doing things like using a smart alarm clock to help you wake up at the right point in your sleep cycle, limiting the amount of light you get exposed to from electronics once the sun goes down, and creating a relaxing pre-bedtime routine for yourself. By doing these things, you’ll make it easier for yourself to prepare for sleep and get the rest you need.

Find Time For Real Meals

When you’re crazy busy during the day, you may feel like all you have time for is a quick snack here and there. And although it may not seem like you’re eating much, Tara Goodrum, a contributor to, shares that all-day snackers often eat more calories than those who can sit down for just three short meals during the day. So if you’ve noticed that you’re eating too many calories during the day from snacks, try to make a few slight changes in your schedule so you can sit down to eat real meals more frequently, which can help you better manage your caloric intake.

Plan Regular Activities During The Week

If you feel like all you do each day is work, it can seem like you never are able to find time to relax and do something for yourself. To help make some downtime more of a possibility, Melanie Albert, a contributor to The Muse, recommends that you schedule regular events during the weekdays each month. If you know that you have a club meeting every second Tuesday or a dinner with friends every other Thursday night, it will be easier to plan things around those events rather than having to shove those things into your schedule.

If you want to live healthier but feel like you don’t have time because of work, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find ways to get healthier both physically and mentally.

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