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5 Quick and Easy tips for outsourcing

All businesses, big and small, can benefit from outsourcing as a means to reduce costs. Whether it’s to keep up with the maintenance of your premises, managing security at a venue or for support with digital communications, all effective businesses outsource the areas which they need help with, in order to save you time and money.

1)      Only outsource a weakness

Many small industries rely on help when it comes to organising the creative elements such as digital communication and graphic design as these can often be the areas where a company has limited expertise but can be really valuable to them. Large companies with a lot of sites rely heavily on outsourcing printing and document management, TNT Business Solutions can help with this. Work out what’s valuable to your business and invest in these areas.

2)      Research someone reliable

When you’re a start-up business saving money is a top priority but sometimes it can be more financially beneficial to spend a bit more on someone who has a good reputation. Although you may know a friend who can help with flyers, they might not be of the best quality and in effect not attract the amount of customers you were hoping for. Do some research beforehand on google or speak to other similar businesses for advice to find the best for you.

3)      Always draw up a contract

A contract ensures there is a legally binding agreement to protect your business. If you’re outsourcing a major area of your business you need to be sure that the company with the task know your brand and business inside out. If they make a major faux pas it could bring your business into disrepute with the law or generate bad press.

4)      Pay by the hour

If you’re paying someone external then you only need to pay them for the hours they work. This is where outsourcing can be really cost effective as you can save money by avoiding paying employee benefits such as sick and holiday pay.

5)      Communicate

If you’re outsourcing to another company or freelancers, keeping up regular communication is essential. This won’t cost a lot if they are UK based and it ensures that the company are keeping to the guidelines you set out. This way you’ll find out about any mistakes early on so you won’t be paying for anything that’s not right for your company.

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