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7 Tips on How to Run a Successful Virtual Office


Thanks to technology, building businesses is no longer dependent to office space availability. You can start your business ASAP nowadays if you know which tools to utilise. On the other hand, if your office rentals are too much to handle and you’re looking for a cost-efficient alternative, a virtual office is the answer for you.

When it comes to establishing your business, there are new tactics to try that will bring you to the top. Hence, here are sure-fire ways to certify your virtual office’s success!1

  1. Get connected via the cloud
    The internet of things has made working online plausible. Thanks to cloud software, everything can be done in real-time, keeping all your work progress in-sync and less complicated. Project management, communicating with your team, collaboration, and backing up your files are but of the few aspects of a virtual office which can reap great advantages from using cloud-based apps or tools. imsage
  2. Keep the team engaged
    Considering that you don’t see your staff regularly, it’s important to consider constant interaction with everyone. This does not mean you have to always micromanage people to show you’re “hands-on”. Instead, keep the air of communication open within the team. Tone down the professional talk and ask them about their day. It also helps to rent out a real office every now and then meet personally to build camaraderie. For instance, you can have a get together in 65 York Street serviced offices if by some chance all of you are situated around Sydney. 1
  3. Trust the team
    As mentioned above, micromanaging is the last thing you want to do when you’re running a virtual office. Don’t be too controlling about how everyone does their work. Remember that you are paying them to do exactly what they can do. Let them utilise their skills the best way they know how. Check on their output or weekly/monthly reports to assess their progress. When you do this, you’ll realise that running your virtual business can fulfill its convenient and practical purpose. imsage
  4. Plan ahead
    Remote or online offices mostly run on flexible hours. Although there might be a given timeframe where your schedules will overlap with each other, you would have to take precaution about time-sensitive meetings or urgent calls. Hence, you would have to schedule your meetings ahead of time. Have a fixed day of the week where all of you would have to be online. That day should be non-negotiable. You would need this in order to make sure that all of you are aligned with your tasks and everyone would be forced to talk or acknowledge each other. image
  5. Practice work-life balance
    Work should not be your life; your life shouldn’t revolve around your work. If you want to keep your whole team happy–including yourself, don’t expect everyone to put in longer hours. Just because you’re not working in a regular 9-5 office setting, it doesn’t mean that everyone owes you extra hours. In fact, a recent study shows that working 6 hours per day makes people more productive and happier because they focus more on doing their tasks, and they can make more time for their personal interests. image
  6. Create an “office” in your workspace
    Whether you’re working in a shared office space or from home, it’s best to have a permanent place where you will be able to work quietly without the distractions. This is especially useful if you’re at home. You have to remind yourself that you’re still working even if you’re not wearing office attire. Now that you’re completely focused, it’ll be easier for you to manage your virtual office, and that’s something you can share with your team. image
  7. Have an office phone
    An office with a landline phone is always deemed legit. If you wish to come across to both clients and customers as a professional establishment, a virtual phone is a must. Just because you’re running a virtual office, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this perk. You can very much take those calls with a virtual phone. It’s definitely a great way to show that your business means business!

With these tips, running your virtual office will be a breeze. A traditional office setting isn’t always the answer to a successful business, that’s for sure. What are your personal experiences in working for or running a remote office? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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