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A Girl’s Guide to Preparing for the CPA Exam

Maybe you love numbers, money, and helping other people keep track of both. Maybe you are looking for a way to escape the drama of life. Perhaps you’ve even fallen victim to the myth that accountants are boring in hopes of losing a dedicated stalker.

Whatever your reason for jumping into accounting, the hardest part of the whole journey can be the dreaded CPA exam. It’s only the one thing that determines whether or not you have a career in the field. No pressure. However, there are some ways to not only make things a little easier but make them fun, as well. Below are some ideas to keep in mind when getting ready for the CPA exam.

The Right Food

In the business universe, we are all aware that it is not all fun and games. Serious decisions are made everyday. For example, when getting ready to study for the CPA, you need to invest some time in the very serious matter of what kind of study food you are going to have on hand. Are you and your friends the pizza and chips kinda bunch?

Maybe you are part of the hummus and tea crowd. You could go old school and find some coffee and Jolt Cola. Hey. It may not fill you up, but you are bound to stay awake until you are comfortable you know everything you need to know for the exam. With all that said, make sure you have some help on the bill or make it BYOS (Bring your own snack.)

The Right Tools

Have you ever gone to change the oil on your car and notice you brought everything but the oil pan? How about making pizza, only to find out that you forgot to buy sauce? Anyone ever changed a diaper on the go and forgot the wipes?

It’s vital in every situation of life to make sure that you have the proper tools for the job. In this case, you want to be sure you have the staples of paper, pencil, calculators, and books. You will also need to bring your notes from every course you have taken concerning the CPA.

Taking the time to compare them to others in your same predicament could save you the trouble of concentrating on details that might not be as important as others. It can also introduce you to others you may have missed in class.

The Right Study Partners

Finally, having the right study partners can make all the difference. You need men and women who are dedicated to the success of the test and positivity is a must. The local naysayer can pump so much negativity into your mind that passing the CPA can seem impossible.

There are some things in life that are true no matter who says them, but one of them is that you will perform to the ability you think you can. Grumpy gusses are a no no, too. We realize that studying for an exam is not most people’s idea of fun and games, but if you have a snapdragon in the mix, you’re bound to weed out any smiles and laughs that could have occured.

Lastly, patience is necessary. There will always be the one that just doesn’t get it and the few that take their time catching on. Study partners who are patient with each other will make sure everyone walks away ready to take on the beast that is the CPA exam.   

The CPA exam is indeed one of the tougher hurdles to jump in the world of accounting. However, if you follow the suggestions above, that hurdle will eventually seem more like taking a nap. Easy and something to look forward to.

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