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Affording Costly Car Repairs

Generally new cars are sold with a few types of warranties. Many cars carry a bumper to bumper warranty for an introductory period like three years, give or take. These warranties cover everything on the vehicle that doesn’t break down because of neglect or lack of maintenance. If your car still has this kind of warranty in tact, you won’t have to lose much sleep over costly vehicle repairs, yet. Another type of warranty that cars carry is a powertrain warranty. This kind of warranty covers all the components that are part of the transmission and engine inside the vehicle. So, if you need to get an auto transmission service for whatever reason, it is covered by your warranty. Powertrain warranties can last anywhere from the three year period of the bumper to bumper warranty, or as long as 10 years depending on the manufacturer. It’s wise to know the terms of your car warranties so that you know what to do if you experience some kind of mechanical failure or something on your car breaks.

If the age of your car puts you beyond this warranty window, you do have options. Often when you purchase a new car you can buy an extended warranty at closing. This option is the most affordable at this point in time and will extend the warranties associated with the vehicles for a particular period of time. Buying an extended warranty in advance could save you from costly repairs in the future. You might not want to shell out the extra money when purchasing your car, but your future self will likely thank you for having such foresight. Purchasing an extended warranty is always an option even if you’re approaching the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty that came with the car. You can learn about reputable extended warranty providers online on sites like

If your manufacturer’s warranties are expired and if you never elected to purchase an extended warranty, you will eventually be faced with fixing some problem or another as your car ages. This scenario might be easier if you put away a small amount each week or month in an emergency fund dedicated to car repairs. If the repair is a really big one, you might even be faced with taking out a personal loan to cover the cost or tapping into available credit. Be sure to thoroughly research mechanics to be sure they are honest and reputable. For more guidance on mechanics in your area, check out for listings.

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