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Business Women Should Never Forget To Spoil Themselves

It’s true.  You have a lot on your proverbial “plate,” and taking the time for any sort of recreation requires planning and intention.  Don’t let that stop you from taking extra special care of yourself.  Investing in your body is an investment in your future as well.  

The longer your body can keep up with your mind, the better off you and your family will be.  Take time for yourself starting now, and check out these few ways in which a working woman can enhance her personal well-being.  

Take time to unplug and unwind

Find ways to recenter yourself, whether it be throughout the day or at the end of the evening.  You may find peace in a good romance movie and a glass of wine.  You may just want to sleep more.  Whatever the case, invest in your rest.  

You have to give yourself permission to unplug from all the incessant electronics and constant social chatter.  You have to allow time to reconnect and recenter your resolve on life, or you will find longevity in business to be seriously challenging.  

Treat yourself to a day at the spa

Taking a day to pamper yourself at the spa may be the key that opens the door to your next big idea.  Decompress, and let someone else do all the work, for once.  

Get a massage.  Have a manicure and pedicure.  All of these things help increase blood flow to the extremities of the body.  Boosting blood circulation is great for retaining that youthful glow.  

Splurge on something you desire

If you are anything like half the world’s population, then there are a few “luxury” items you would love to spend some of your hard-earned funds purchasing.  Do it.  Get that laser hair removal procedure done.  Get those size Ds.  You worked hard for it!

Take care not to get too out of control with your splurging behaviors, but allow yourself the gift of enjoying the money you have worked so hard to obtain.  Never allowing yourself to enjoy the spoils of your labor will leave you feeling resentful towards your career. 

Buy yourself flowers for no reason at all

Keeping live plants and fresh flowers around the house is a great way to boost your home’s air quality and your mood, both at the same time.  Flowers are beautiful, fragrant, and symbolize beauty in life.  It’s extremely mentally beneficial to buy yourself flowers from time to time.  

Allot time for a hobby

Everyone enjoys doing something, even if you are a self-proclaimed scrooge.  Make time available in your weekly schedule to do something you love.  Allot time for indulgence in a hobby.  

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