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Careers Women Might Overlook

In the world of business, women have come a long way in the last century. We have come from barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen to taking up the slack in WWII, to where we are today. Still, there are jobs more acceptable for women to hold.

For example, we now have male nurses, but for the most part, women still hold down the nursing industry. In the present, we have more opportunities than ever. However, there are some jobs women don’t typically run for that maybe they should consider. Here are a few.


Regardless of the housing market, realty is a booming business. There are always people looking for a home, families waiting to take the next step in their life, and even singles looking for that perfect bachelor or bachelorette pad.

The majority of realtors are male still, but having a woman help you find a new home just makes more sense. Where a man can look at buying a home from the mechanical and practical aspect, a woman can look at a home and see sentimental value. They can see future memories and cater to the emotional side of a buyer.


How many times have you heard about a woman being mistreated or treated as if they know nothing about auto mechanics, or been that woman yourself? Welcome to 2017, where women not only know more about their cars, but are now securing jobs fixing them.

Traditionally, the world of gaskets, pistons, and exhaust pipes belonged to the men in society. Typically proven to be better at subjects needed for auto mechanics such as math and engineering, the gentleman of this planet have dominated such positions, but it’s no longer a man’s world. Women’s dainty hands are beginning to conquer the mechanical road to money.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are the saviors of modern business. If not for them, the business world would have had a very hard time transporting goods cross country, thus making it difficult for companies to grow into what they are now. In the past, being a truck driver was a tremendously physical job. As the years have passed, the job is still very demanding, but more and more women are taking up the slack.

We have discovered through many decades of trials and tribulations that women are more capable of so many more things than raising children and running a home. These things are commendable and very needed, but there will come a time when the nest becomes empty. It is then, the majority of women who choose trucking decide to embark on this new adventure.

There are so many opportunities for women to make ends meet these days. Gender should not decide whether or not you should attempt a career you might be endlessly happy in.

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