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Dressing for Work in Winter

As the days get shorter and winter creeps its way inevitably towards us, it’s time to pack away those floaty summer dresses and strappy shoes and start to think about your winter wardrobe. Whilst most people think of thick knitted jumpers and cosy winter boots, sadly these can’t be worn all the time. Work wear is notoriously difficult for women during winter. Who wants to wear court heels when it’s frosty outside? Or a short sleeved power dress when your skin is goose bumped and pale? Below are some helpful hints and tips for winter work wear for women.


Natural is best

If you’re thinking about investing in a winter coat or suit, choose a wool blend. Natural fabrics just can’t be compared to synthetics, and offer the best protection from the cold. They may be slightly more costly, but they will last much longer and keep the cold out more effectively than any synthetic alternative. Modern developments in fabrics mean that wool is not as itchy or uncomfortable as your mum might warn you, but if you do have sensitive skin avoid high necked woollen jumpers unless you wear a polo neck underneath.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Thermals

In your office it might not be deemed professional to turn up to work wrapped up in your winter woollies, but your colleagues don’t need to know your undercover secret! Thermal underclothes are great for keeping out the winter chills, and can be worn underneath the most professional clothing. Layering has to be the most effective way of keeping your body heat from escaping. Invest in a pair of long johns to go under work trousers and a thermal vest and you’ll be toasty warm even in the coldest conditions. The best thing about thermals is that you can simply nip to the toilets and take them off if the heating in your office starts to make you a little hot under the collar.

Take a spare

Instead of risking frostbite standing at the train station in the morning, take your work shoes in a bag and opt for warm shoes or boots. You can change your shoes as you arrive at the office and make the commute a much more comfortable experience.


Winter accessories are a great way to brighten up any cold and dark morning. A warm hat, scarf and pair of gloves will keep you warm, and come in such a wide variety that you will be able to find some to suit any taste. Like umbrellas though, they are easily mislaid on public transport, so you might want to  take a larger handbag than usual if you’re wearing winter accessories in case you warm up and want to take them off.


A thick pair of tights will keep the worst of the cold from chilling your legs. Invest in good quality tights as you don’t want them to ladder as soon as you put them on, and for the accident prone it might be a good idea to carry a spare pair just in case. Always hand wash tights as the washing machine could ladder or rip them to shreds.

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