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Five Important Fashion Tips Every Businesswoman Needs

If you have been a businesswoman for any amount of time you know that looks can really be important when it comes to getting ahead. Yes, you need to do the job well as well, but you also need to be sure that you look the part of a professional businesswoman. That means going into work with a fresh face and clean hair, and it means a few other things too!


The Clothes Are Just The Beginning

What you wear to work is important, unless you have a uniform. You always want to go into an office setting looking professional, not just because it makes you look like you belong there, but it can also add confidence. Clean and pressed clothes are important.

Think of how you would feel if you walked into the bank to get a loan and found the loan officer wearing sweatpants that said juicy on the butt? You probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable doing business with them. Think of that the next time you get ready for work or a business meeting.

Your Hair Matters Too

Clean and well kempt hair is just as important as your clean wardrobe is. If your hair looks like you got out of bed and didn’t touch it you aren’t going to look very professional, and you may not get taken seriously. Take some time each morning to do some good work on your hair.

Consider using products to control frizz and flyaways. Straighten crazy hair that is always looking wild. If you can’t seem to get your hair to cooperate, consider a visit to the salon for a new cut and style.

The Businesswoman’s Face

You don’t have to wear makeup to work, but you do need to wash your face in the morning before you head there. Some women feel more comfortable with makeup and some without. Society is what pushes you to make up your face to be seen in public, but it’s really up to you.

If your job is selling makeup, then you should be wearing it. If you had a rough night, you might want to use a little coverup to hide those dark circles under your eyes. Aside from that, do what makes you feel good!

What About Accessories?

Unless you sell accessories you may want to keep them to a minimum. You want people to notice you and not be distracted by the five or more rings you’ve adorned your fingers with. One ring, a pair of earring studs, and a simple necklace are plenty.

Avoid gaudy accessories, unless you wear them for fun once in awhile and they really look perfect with your outfit!

Shoes Make The Woman Too

You also need to wear the right shoes to work. While walking shoes may be great for a job at the golf club when you worked as a caddy in high school, dress shoes are important for working in an office. The type of dress shows will depend on the type of work you do.

If you are running around all day you may want to consider flats. You definitely don’t want to wear stiletto heels to an office job. Make your shoes work with your wardrobe and you’re one step closer to a professional businesswoman look!

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