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How To Take A Break Without Being Intoxicated

In today’s world, things are so fast paced, a girl can hardly catch her breath before heading off to Dreamland at night. Being a young, single, career woman is hard. Because you don’t have children and aren’t attached, in many ways, the working world expects more out of you than if you had kids.

When you add a husband or children or both to the picture, things just get busier. Either way you slice the pie, we ladies are swamped nearly every day and need a break, but the traditional martini or drug, in some cases, is just making things worse and in the case of the drugs, they’re illegal, as well. Below are three alternative ways to relax without being intoxicated.

Melt Your Troubles Away

It’s what some would call old hat, but there’s still nothing like a hot bath. When the deadlines won’t quit coming and the co-workers won’t stop gossiping, it’s time to check out. Run the water as hot as you can stand it, light a few candles, and put on your favorite music just lightly in the background.

If you’re the type that likes to jam out, crank it up. Ease into the water and just let the day melt away. Some say it’s a good way to get in a small nap, too. Either way, it’s a much easier way to drown out the stress and you won’t wake up wondering if you did something you can remember.

You’re Never Too Old For A Nap

When we were 2, 3, and 4, naps were probably a part of everyday life. We needed the rest in order to make it through the rest of the day. What makes us think, we don’t need one now?! At least every once in awhile.  As we grow up and enter the business world, our responsibility grows in our job, at home, and our play time matures, as well.

Taking a nap to keep up with the changes is not only necessary sometimes, it’s downright beneficial. The extra nap is proven to give us better concentration and help us think clearer and be more patient with difficult situations and you’ll never be arrested for napping in your own home.

Walk It Off

Athletes hear this all the time when sustaining minor injuries. In effect, though, isn’t that what we are? Women run the rat race of business every day, jumping the hurdles of their bosses demands, and swimming the channels of social status.

We are iron women!! With that in mind, one of the ways we can relieve some of the pressure of day to day business is to simply go for a walk.

You could go for a run, lift weights, or hit the elliptical if they suit you better. The trick is to get moving. All that stress releases a chemical called cortisol in our bodies. This, ladies, is not our friend. Getting physical, however you choose to do it, gets rid of that chemical and helps us gain focus, energy, and motivation.

Drugs and alcohol may indeed give you the break away from the stress in your business you need, but the consequences will always be more than you intended to pay. Why not relax in healthier, happier ways, that are cheaper and legal, too.

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