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How Video Trends Have Increased the Need for Businesses to Upgrade Their Internet Bandwidth

When you think about the fact that companies like Microsoft are actually encouraging their employees to stream video at work, it’s no surprise that more and more companies have to upgrade their internet bandwidth in order to keep their networks running at a comfortable speed. It’s tough to run an office at all with low bandwidth, whether or not employees are streaming videos, because with so many users, the stream can get clogged up quickly.


Still, once you throw high quality streaming into the mix, especially from multiple users, you really need a high bandwidth connection.

Smaller companies may be limping by with less bandwidth, but with the current trend of video marketing, more and more companies have needed to upgrade. It used to be that in order to do any sort of video marketing, you had to be a large company, because the only vehicle to show the ads was on television, but now that anyone can upload a video to the internet for free, video marketing seems to be the perfect fit for small businesses specifically.

While there are many companies that will do video marketing for small businesses out of house, it’s quite easy to create an engaging video campaign in-house. However, that involves uploading and regularly checking on the video, something that takes quite a bit of bandwidth. Uploading is an even bigger strain on a network than downloading, and when we’re talking about a file that is just a short video, it can be quite taxing on the connection. Sometimes it pays to have many cloud solutions for small businesses.

Of course, that’s simply the marketing side of business video trends. Flying in for business meetings is less and less common, now that anyone can use Skype to do a video call. In fact, doing video conference calls is incredibly popular, especially for smaller businesses that can’t afford to bring everyone together. However, doing a Skype conference call is incredibly taxing on a network, especially if more than one employee is involved, which means that to keep the network at a reasonable speed and to keep the call connected, a high bandwidth connection is necessary.

Then there’s the issue of employees streaming video for personal reasons. There are a variety of reasons this could be appropriate at work, but it’s been found that employees streaming video, sharing files on P2P networks, and even simply surfing Facebook are eating up the company’s network. There are security measures that can be taken in order to reduce the amount of bandwidth used for personal reasons at work, but it’s been found that an employee who desperately wants to check Facebook or any other social networking websites at work will find a way.

Because of this, many ISPs such as this one you can find if you visit website like this have begun to offer upgraded high-speed packages as well as business packages, which give companies the kind of internet bandwidth they need to handle uploading and streaming video, doing multiple Skype calls, and their employees’ personal video streaming. With the trends towards streaming video for businesses, it looks like before long, all businesses will need more bandwidth simply to stay profitable.

Of course, the real question is: what’s going to be the next business trend? Will it need more or less internet bandwidth? The past seems to show that bandwidth needs are just going to go up and up, so investing in a high bandwidth plan, possibly a fiber optic plan, might be the right way to go, but it’s hard to tell. The best idea is to simply invest in what your company needs.

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