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Introduction’s for ‘Masters of Design’

The University of Oxford published a report in September 2013, The Future of Employment, which detailed that some professions could be at risk of being taken over by robots. And by that, we mean that the need for humans will no longer remain in certain careers.

The data examined 700 professions to reveal the top 20 careers that are the most likely to have human workers wiped out. These careers included telemarketers who ranked 1st, watch repairers who ranked 6th and referees and umpires who ranked 18th.

But with that in mid, the report also revealed the careers which are likely to always rely on human intelligence. The professions which ranked at the opposite end of the scale seemed to be those which require visual communication. With art directors ranking 95th and graphic designers ranking 161st, it seems that roles that require design and creativity are the least likely to be replicated by Artificial Intelligence.

Precision Printing, business stationary printing company, ran a serious of interviews, Masters of Design, to gain insight into the professional world of five designers. Each interview offers an individual perspective of what fuels their creativity and how they find inspiration. To boost your own creativity, you could apply some of their tricks reiterate why the creativity of humans might never be automated by A.I.

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