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Is It Possible To Start A Manufacturing Business Without Mass Investment?

The manufacturing industries have taken a real hit during the last few years. However, the situation is now beginning to improve, and there are lots of new companies in the market. So, launching a fresh manufacturing business might not be the worst idea in the world. In most instances, you’re going to need heavy investment to get things off the ground. However, there are ways around that. You’ll still need more than $10,000 in the bank, but it’s possible to make amazing savings. The tips and tricks written below will help to point you in the right direction.

Rent your premises

Firstly, it’s important you understand that buying property is not essential. That is especially the case during the early stages of your company. You should always rent to lower your monthly expenses. Those of you who search hard enough might find somewhere that offers a fantastic deal. It is common for new factory rental contracts to come with at least three months free. That means you will have a lot of time to build your business and earn the money you require.

Hire your equipment

Buying equipment outright simple doesn’t make sense while your company is still young. No matter which items and devices you might require, there are lots of specialists that hire them out. Experts from told us that many of their clients are in the startup stage. You just need to find suppliers who offer all the products your company uses. The internet is your friend. Make sure you use it wisely.

Use agency staff

You will pay a little more per hour for agency staff. However, you are not obliged to continue their contracts if work dries up. You can simply call the agency and tell them you no longer want the workers. Those of you who choose to employ people directly will experience many issues. You can’t send them home just because there is nothing to keep them occupied. By law, you are required to provide them with a certain number of hours each week. You also have to pay them the same wages regardless of how little work there is available.



Work through the night

There are lots of big decisions you need to make as a new company owner. However, running a night shift is essential. You’ll need to complete your orders in the fastest and most efficient ways possible. That means you’re going to need an expert team who don’t mind working while everyone else is asleep. Again, you should recruit your workers through an agency to limit your obligations to the individual.

To answer the question posed in the title of this year, yes, it is possible to start a manufacturing company without mass investment. You just need to think outside of the box and focus on your goals. Anyone who launches a new brand this year must have the right levels of motivation. More than half of all new companies fail within the first twelve months. That means you’ll need to work hard to stay in the top 45%.


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