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Is Social Media Marketing Essential For Business Or Just A Waste Of Time?

So you’ve got a website, and you have a steady stream of visitors. You might not get many people buying stuff from your site, but you expect sales to grow as time goes on. You know the basics of SEO, and you might use PPC marketing from time to time.

Someone comes along and tells you that you need to take advantage of social media marketing. You think the idea is ridiculous! After all; people only use social media to post up photos of their dinner, right? How on Earth could a business find their target audience on Facebook or Twitter?

By now, you may have reached the conclusion that social media marketing is unnecessary. You might also think that it’s just a waste of time. Or, is it? I would like to play devil’s advocate and give you some reasons why you need to rethink your opinion!


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You have access to millions of people under one platform

Granted, not everyone that uses social media will want to know about your brand. But, I can guarantee you that you’ll find a few million individuals that will!

The brilliant thing about social media marketing is that you can target specific niches. For example, men aged 18-35 that have an interest in cars and motorsport. Or parents that like to go on skiing holidays with their families in Switzerland.

If you use PPC marketing, for instance, it’s hard to select such demographics. But, when you use social media for your marketing efforts, the task at hand is easy.

You can improve brand loyalty

Believe it or not, people stick with their preferred brands if they know they can trust them. They do so because they know the products and are aware of the quality they receive. They are also happy with the level of customer service they get.


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In fact, those people will do your marketing for you, telling others about your amazing brand! Social media is a crucial way for you to engage with those people.

They might use those platforms to ask you questions about new products they want to buy. Or they might want to ask you questions about other services you may offer. Businesses such as real estate agencies use social media lead generation for realtors to better their popularity with clients and gain new ones.

There’s no denying that social media can be a powerful tool in those circumstances. If you want to improve your brand loyalty, social media marketing will help you to do that.

Conversion rates are higher

There is one final point that I’d like to raise with you. Social media marketing offers higher conversions! It’s a well-known fact, and there are plenty of statistics to back that up. You only have to look at sites like and see for yourself!

You can also find proof online that social media offers 100% higher lead-to-close rates. That’s in comparison to traditional outbound marketing methods.


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I hope that today’s article has helped you to rethink your opinion of social media marketing. As you can see, it’s a powerful tool at your disposal. Thanks for reading!


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