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Make Your Business Systems More Secure By Using Online Software


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As a business grows, or even right from the beginning for some, it needs to handle more and more data. Computers are now such an integral part of daily working that it is almost impossible to imagine the company being able to function without them. This possibility does give sleepless  nights to bosses all over the world as they wonder what would happen in their systems went down for any reason.

Computer failures will bring a business to an instant standstill. We are not referring to individual terminals at workstations here; we mean what used to be referred to as the mainframe in the science fiction movies in which computers took over the world. A mainframe is the network that is accessed by computers. Information is stored, edited and used in daily business. Mail and files are routed and accessed by the appropriate people. It handles both internal and external communications.

The old mainframe that we now refer to as a data center comprises banks of powerful computer servers that, as the name suggests, serve information to users. They also have many automated functions that tick along in the background unnoticed. Individual terminals have software installed that allows them to open and edit files, whatever they may be.

As you can see; a large business is totally reliant on these systems to function correctly. Obviously data is backed up at every opportunity so that if the worst happens a recovery could be attempted.

What kind of problems can occur with systems such as this? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Physical damage. If there is a fire in the building, for example, the network could be destroyed, and valuable data lost.

  • Malicious software attack. Hackers could install software that causes damage to, or steals data from, the system.

  • Breakdown. If the equipment is not renewed it becomes outdated quickly and becomes more susceptible to breakdown.

Attack from malicious software has become the major threat to businesses today. Any software installed on local machines needs constantly updating. This can be very expensive and time consuming. By using online software, this problem is solved. Peoplehr’s cloud based Hr software solutions are a prime example of how software is automatically updated by the provider to do away with the risk of security vulnerabilities and provide the latest functionality.

Huge savings can be made by using online software. There are experts on hand constantly monitoring the state of their systems. Applications are available online for almost every requirement a business has. Here are some of the most common used by companies now.

  • HR Management

  • Accounting

  • Word Processing

  • Spreadsheets

  • Databases

  • Presentations

  • Inventory

There are many more available. The beauty of online software lies in the fact that very little, or nothing needs to be installed on local machines. The software is available always and is accessed by logging into the system. The servers that house the software are maintained and secured to a higher degree than most companies are able to take care of their own. It is for this reason that, if a business wishes to secure their data and systems, moving to online services is a good idea. New businesses are making use of remote storage and software from the beginning now, and it is only a matter of time before all existing businesses do the same.

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