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Making The Most Of Your Business Car Investment

Every savvy business woman knows that she needs a good vehicle to get from one place to the next. There are meetings, lunches, seminars, and other events in which you’ll need transportation, and sometimes a taxi or bus ride just isn’t convenient. However, there is a lot more to business vehicle ownership than just driving places.


Shopping Around

The first step in owning a business car is picking what type of vehicle you want. You will want to do this based on what you need it for, and how much you plan on driving it. If you do the driving for a lot of business trips you may want to invest in something with really good gas mileage.

If you’re just driving it locally, and maybe hauling things, whether it’s to expos or for deliveries, you may want something bigger, like maybe a full size van. It all depends on what kind of job your work vehicle needs to do for you.

Keeping Your Vehicle Maintained

Vehicle maintenance is important, and it is the one thing that will help keep your business vehicle on the road longer. This means more than just getting your oil changed and checking your tires, although both of those are important things to do for your vehicle.

Each season means a new need for your vehicle. In the winter you will want to get your work vehicle prepared for colder temperatures. In the summer you may want to get your air conditioner checked out so you can have a comfortable right and show up at business meetings looking cool and refreshed.

Where Will You Keep It?

You may also want to consider where you will be storing your vehicle. If you have a parking structure for work, is it pay to park? Can you purchase a parking spot so that you only have to pay yearly, or once in a lifetime?

If you do a lot of traveling by plane you may also want to consider where your vehicle will be, and if it will be safe where you leave it. That could mean investing in a good car alarm system as well.

Tax Time

Save your receipts and track your mileage. You may even want to save receipts for your car repairs. That’s because your business car can be a tax deduction. Even it’s purchase.

The most important thing to remember, when it comes to taxes and your work vehicle, is that you need to keep every receipt, keep track of details, and write down your gas mileage and trips mileage. This will make tax time all that much more easy.

That means that your business vehicle can give back to you in ever more ways. While you are picking the right one, look for one that speaks about your personality. Don’t be afraid of girly colors, or even driving something big, if that’s what you like!

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