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Marketing Tips For Your Business

Starting your own business can be an exciting and self-satisfying accomplishment for a woman. A moment of feeling as if we have truly succeeded, having done one of the most adult-like deeds that exist.  


However, the feelings that can follow after starting your first business can be those of failure if your business simply isn’t taking off.

Being self-starter isn’t just about starting the business, but also knowing the ins and outs of how to attract customers and keep them.

Follow these marketing tips, and watch your business blossom in ways it hadn’t before.

Always Carry Business Cards

Part of being a successful business owner is being prepared to pitch your services whenever an opportunity arises.  If someone mentions they have bad credit, and you happen to run a credit repair service, hand them a business card.  If someone mentions they’ve been looking for someone to handle their tenants and you are a property manager, pull out a card.

While the internet is a fantastic marketing tool, there is something to be said for having a tangible piece of information to put in someone’s hand that they can hold, put in their pocket, or display on their fridge.

Start a Social Media Page

Social media is a great tool for anyone who owns a business.  Marketing gurus will tell you that no matter what kind of business it is, you should start an Instagram and Facebook.

In this modern era of social media taking over a large portion of people’s day, having a presence there will increase your visibility tenfold.

Instead of having a page that strictly advertises, consider making it more relatable.  Post funny photos relevant to your content.  If you are a pet groomer, post a funny cat or dog video linking to your services.  People respond to relatable and friendly content rather than cut and dry marketing.

Invest In Merchandise

Consider investing in merchandise that you can give to friends and family members.  People retain what they see, which is why the most popular brands out there are the ones that are marketed everywhere you look.

Coffee cups, t-shirts, magnets, and pens are some low-cost ideas that will be of use to people and are used and displayed in social situations thus generating more attention towards you .

Get a Web Designer

Many business owners want to lower costs by cutting corners in web design.  With so many DIY website platforms on the market, it’s no surprise that people would opt for this low-cost route.

However, nothing looks less professional than a poorly built website that looks like it was designed in the 1990’s.  Investing in a professional who knows how to combine design with ease of use is well worth the money and gives your website credibility.

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