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Marketing To Women Today: How To Draw A Woman’s Eye

Though we may be past the times when women were expected to be the perfect homemaker, the fairer sex still represents the majority of all consumer purchases in the U.S. today.  Building a marketing campaign that ignores women can be detrimental to the success of your organization.

Women still play a very different role in life than men, no matter how hard we work to create equality.  It is important to consider the reality of a 21st century life for a woman, and market to the unique needs of a pivotal audience.  

Consider how women communicate

It’s probably pretty relevant that women typically respond better to straight-forward communication, but that’s not really the point we’re trying to make here.  Today’s most preferred method of communication for women is digital.

Your marketing campaign may still contain an array of different signs, but the way in which you create your signs has more of a digital basis in the technology era.  

Social media rules the gossip realm, and women are some of its most loyal visitors.  Consider the female adoration for social media when you’re building your marketing campaign, and integrate the technology available to Millennial women.  

Women don’t respond well to pressure

Creating a slew of high pressure ads is not the way to grab the eyes of women.  Ladies don’t enjoy added pressure when they’re on a leisurely shopping excursion.  They have enough pressure in their everyday lives, and today’s women see shopping as a form of entertainment.  

Focus your marketing ads more around uplifting, make you smile, sort of content.  Though women are more than capable of feeling deeper emotions, shopping should be fun and happy.  

Values matter more to women

Women want to know that the products they invest their hard-earned money in is produced by a company that aligns with their values.  Well, maybe not definitively speaking, but generally speaking, women respond more favorably to ads that highlight their own personal values.  

Cause marketing is effective.  If you can design a marketing campaign that calls for a woman to get behind a loyal cause, then you’ve created your own little piece of marketing gold.  

Understand the diversity among today’s women

Today’s population of women is more diverse than it has ever been.  Your marketing campaign should represent all types, shapes, and sizes of women.  Unless, you are marketing a product to a specific sort of lady.

The most important point is to be cognizant of the many different, and colorful, backgrounds of today’s female population.  You’re not just marketing to straight, white, and middle class anymore.  

Make the girl laugh

Don’t be afraid to be silly.  Women today grew up with some pretty edgy female comedians, so the boundaries are as diverse as the population.  This is not the generation of quiet chuckles behind polka dotted handkerchiefs.

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