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Mother & Professional: Tips For Juggling The Responsibilities Of Both

Now that women are beginning to gain a bit of ground in the professional community, there are more women than ever before in the workforce.  The Center for American Progress estimates that an average 40 percent of homes in the United States are headed by a working mother.

Juggling the responsibilities of being a mother and a businesswoman can be challenging, but they are not impossible to conquer.  Take a moment to sit down, and read through this brief summary of a few helpful tips for managing the responsibilities of being a mother and a professional.  

Invest in healthcare

It is of the utmost importance that you make sure your family is fully covered with a proper healthcare plan.  If your employer provides the opportunity to opt into an insurance plan, make sure you understand the specifics of the insurance being offered.  

If you work for yourself, you’ll have to get a bit more crafty to procure sufficient healthcare coverage for you and your family.  Either way, it is important that you have coverage to avoid an accident being the beginning of your financial ruin.

Don’t waste time guilting yourself

Rather than allow yourself to be consumed with troublesome thoughts about what is going on with your children while you are away working, try focusing on all of the opportunities you are affording them with all of your hard work.  

Accept that there will always be a bad day here and there.  You won’t always be there for every bedtime or bath time, but advancing your career will benefit your children’s future.  

Invest in quality child care

Most professional women enjoy having a sense of structure and control over their home environment, and leaving your children in the care of others can be difficult.  It helps ease the mind to spend time researching several facilities before choosing what’s right for you and your family.  

Take the time to tour any daycare centers you deem fit on paper.  The more familiar you are with the people and place where your children will spend much of their time, the more comfortable you will feel leaving them there.  

Stay organized and plan

Organization is extremely important for a mother, and even more important for a mother who has a career.  It helps to create a family calendar.  List events, plans, and schedules on the family calendar, so everyone stays on the same page.  

Set a routine.  When the kids come in from school for the day, have a strict routine they are to follow.  Children need guidance to ease them into the change in atmosphere for the evening.

Use technology to stay connected

For the moments when you have to travel away from home for your career, there are numerous tech gadgets which will help you stay connected to your children.  A new communication device is worth the financial investment, especially when it helps you to become a more present parent.

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