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New Accounting Advice Site For IT Contractors

New Accounting Advice Site For IT ContractorsContract Eye Limited, a publisher of business information, has launched a brand new microsite ITCA, specifically meant for IT contractors based in the United Kingdom. This is useful for those contractors who find it necessary to hire services of specialist accounting firms in Chicago or in any other state they are operating in.

Contract Eye Limited is a highly sought-after business information provider in the United Kingdom for contractors and freelancers. Company Bug is yet another enterprise run by them for limited company contractors.

The new site ITCA which expands to IT Contractor Accounts is designed to provide clear-cut guidelines about procedures related to taxation of limited companies as well as helpful tips and comparison charts of different accounting firms for contractors who are looking to hire the services of a suitable service provider.

The ITCA website also provides a set of comprehensive questions that contractors can ask accountants before signing up on the website. This would help them to know as to what kind of service they can expect from the accounting firm.

James Leckie, the editor of the site, added that what prompted their company to launch the specialist site was the sheer increase in the number of online IT contractor specialist firms. This has happened because web technology is not expensive and many such companies have made a foray into the marketplace, he said.

He added that it is possible for any new entrant in this niche to present a good-looking site. However, to compare the services of the different providers, the contracts should have some knowledge as to what to expect from the websites and the services that they provide.

The ITCA was developed to answer some of the frequently asked questions by the contractors who are on the lookout for hiring accountants ready to provide services for limited companies.

Stating that the expert team of ITCA has been in the field of editing contracting news since the year 1998, he said the new website would help both would-be, new and existing contractors find the best accounting service provider firm that would be most suitable for their requirements. It would make things much easier for them if they manage to find a trusted accountant, he asserted.

To the question as to which factor the contractor should consider as most important when selecting an accountant for their company, Leckie’s answer was customer service.

A contracting business has to maintain accurate records of its client’s accounts to be known as a reliable and consistent service provider and only this would help the service provider to retain the best clients. Moreover, their service should be one of quality, one that meets deadlines and should be personalized. Only then it would result in positive ‘word of mouth’ publicity for the firm by existing clients, James Leckie added.

It is also important for the contractors to study the fees charged by these service providers in detail to understand the inclusions and exclusions of their services and not be confronted with unpleasant payment surprises.

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