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Quit Your Day Job and Earn Thousands as a Personal Tutor

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As the UK job market has been declining significantly over the last few years, many residents are now looking for new and innovative ways of providing themselves with a source of reliable income without relying on traditional employers. That said, quitting a day job can seem like a very dangerous and unpredictable more, but with enough research and the right amount of motivation, the risk of encountering problems can be drastically reduced.

So, if you’re bored of your 9 to 5 job and feel that a change is well overdue, now really is the time to start planning your career move just like Simon Walsh did at the Maths Doctor. For those who’ve got education related qualifications, it can be very financially rewarding to enter the private tutoring business, as this is almost certainly where the big bucks come into play.

So How Much Can A Private Tutor Earn?

On average, you’re probably looking at around £30 to £80 per hour as standard. However, the Telegraph newspaper recently ran a story about tutors who specialise in helping wealthy parents get their children into top schools, and you’ll probably be shocked to learn that some of the people who engage in this sort of work are paid a whopping £1000 per hour for their time and expertise. So the possibilities really are endless.

What Qualifications Should I Have?

Though having an official teaching qualification will certainly help you attract clients who are willing to spend a little more, this isn’t essential for private tutoring.  Instead, most tutors will have either a bachelor’s degree or have a masters for teachers degree.

How Easy Will It Be To Find Work?

That will depend upon the method you opt to utilise. For the highest wages possible, it’s always wise to steer clear of agencies, as they will take a commission for finding the work. However, if you’re just starting out, signing up to a private tutor agency can be a fantastic way meeting new clients and honing your teaching skills. So it really all rests upon your contacts.

Amongst upper-class families, the demand for private tutors has increased significantly over the last ten or so years, probably because their children now face much more competition for places at top schools and universities. This means work will never be beyond your reach, especially at the moment when the number of quality UK tutors is dwindling.

Do I Need Any Specific Skills?

Although most skill requirements aren’t set in stone, it’s always useful to have good communication and social skills, as this will ensure your students stand the best chance of understanding your wisdom. If you’re lacking somewhat in this area, perhaps it might be a good idea to enroll on a short course that concentrates on these aspects, as this will improve results and increase demand for your service, especially when you’ll probably spend most of your time educating teenagers.

Well, there you have it my friends. That was a short and simple guide to why you should quit your boring old job and start earning thousands as a personal tutor. Regardless of the route you choose to take, just remember that perseverance is essential.

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