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Running a Web-Based Business? How to Get More Clients

If it’s not a mere extension of your existing business or a means through which to get the word out there quickly about all which you have to offer, an online presence can exist in the form of a complete business. In fact, if anybody is looking into getting a business off the ground these days, I would recommend going the web-based business route.

Your overheads can be next to nothing if you have the skills associated with getting a website up-and-running, otherwise it still costs a lot less to have something like an e-commerce store set up for you as opposed to say renting a physical space so that you can set up a physical store or even if you wanted to use that physical space as your office. There are many ready-made, so-called “out the box” solutions as well by way of web based businesses, some of which solutions are completely customisable as well so your specific web based business appears to be as unique as it really is.

How do you get more clients though and if it’s a brand new web based business, how do you attract your very first clients, especially given the fact that since web-based businesses are so easy to set up these days you’ll naturally be faced with lots of competition?

Well, one way is through setting yourself apart by recreating a prestigious physical-world footprint, the best way through which to do this is perhaps renting virtual office space in a prestigious, world-renowned business location. As far as it goes with a virtual office Beverly Hills is perhaps the most prestigious you can get. I mean if for instance an online shopper was keen on taking their pick between a few web based consultancy businesses which were all offering a similar service at similar prices, you have to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what exactly it is which would make you ultimately decide to settle with one of those offerings over the others.

Many remotely rendered services are often outsourced in any case and clients are all the way clued up on this, but at the end of the day it’s about the quality of the service delivered. So I feel it pertinent to reiterate that if the scales are balanced out between you and other competitors vying for the attention of the same clients online, what you need to do to set yourself apart is demonstrate a certain air of credibility which you hold over your competitors. Once you’ve managed to do that with something that can be as simple as choosing to rent a conference room in Beverly Hills, you need to back that prestige up with your delivery of a quality product or service.

The Beverly Hills conference room you’d rent from the likes of Global Business Centers for instance, even if only for a day, should be milked for everything it’s worth in order to add to your web based business’ credibility and prestige, such as perhaps shooting a video and using that as an intro video on your website’s home page.

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