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Safety First! Avoiding Hazards And Accidents In The Workplace

If you’re a business owner, did you know that your employees’ safety is your responsibility? That’s right, if anything happens to one of your workers, it falls under your duty of care. Many entrepreneurs or CEO neglect this simple business premise. For many, an accident is highly unlikely, and we rarely give it a second thought. For others, who work in a construction, factory or warehouse environment, it’s a very real concern. Whatever your business, you ought to take steps to improve the safety and hazard awareness.



Clearly mark and label hazards – At work, it’s very easy to miss potential hazards. We’re chatting with colleagues or thinking about that big presentation. It’s all too easy to miss a raised step or a faulty connection. If there is a hazard, even temporary, make sure it’s clearly defined and labeled. This is especially important in risky environments. For example, if your company uses hazardous chemicals or electricity, hazard marking is essential.

Training – Most workplace injuries and accidents are avoided through responsible training. From the minute your employees start working for you, ensure they receive proper training. They should understand the fire exit procedure and the evacuation methods. If they are using particular equipment or vehicles, they should be fully trained to do so. We also recommend providing first aid training for employees.

Correct clothing, tools, and equipment – Every job has different demands. Whatever they are, make sure your workers have the proper tools and equipment to do their job safely. It could be as simple as protective goggles or gloves for factory workers. If you work with chemicals, you’ll need cleanup kits too. You should know the difference between hazchem vs. oil/fuel spill kits and keep them close by. Your employees need to feel safe and execute their roles with the right tools and equipment. Make sure you provide them.

Encourage hazard reporting – One of the biggest challenges is getting workers to report hazards. It’s your job, as a business owner, to encourage this process. We’ve seen a number of businesses offer rewards and bonuses for active hazard perception. It’s a good way of making sure your employees are working with you to improve safety.

Communication – The communication between you and your employees is vital. Not only concerning safety, but in other areas too. Good communication allows workers the confidence to express their worries and ideas. They are the ones out there working every day. What do they think could be done to improve safety? What do they think would help them do their job better. Encourage an environment of communication and find out! Make sure they are comfortable coming to you with questions.

Safety audit – Finally, it’s always worth bringing in the experts. By looking to have a health and safety audit done on your workplace, you can be confident that you are complying with the regulations without worrying about enforcement action. As a business owner or a worker, you are often too close to the business to see the weak points. An independent professional will help you identify the gaps and leaks in your safety. They’ll help you meet regulations and advise the best course of action and help you make changes.

Safety should be your number one concern at work. Follow this advice and make sure you and your business is safe and secure.


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