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Save Time While Effectively Jotting Down Meeting Minutes

If taking down the minutes of meeting forms part of your full time job, it can get very easy to become disillusioned with putting a lot of effort into something which may appear not be taken too seriously once the periodic meetings are concluded. As Murphy’s Law would have it however, the very moment when you decide to cheat a bit and scrimp on taking down minutes the way they’re supposed to be documented, that somehow seems to be the very moment when their importance miraculously seems to come to the fore. Taking down minutes is indeed a very important part of any meeting in which different ideas coming from different participants are discussed, but the importance of effectively taking down minutes primarily lies in the effective creation of a documented record of those key deliverables which are earmarked for implementation and would perhaps need to be made reference to in future. Realising the importance of what can be a boring task doesn’t seem to be enough to offset the urge to scrimp on it a bit once in a while, so it’s important to learn how to make it less of an uninspiring task. Check out this infographic by GoToMeeting which will give you some good pointers on how to save time while effectively jotting down the minutes of a meeting.


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