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The Advantages of Getting Your Customers to Pay by Credit or Debit Card

Looking past the conspiracy theory claiming that financial institutions want us to all go paperless so that they can ultimately make even bigger profits than what they’re currently making, whether or not there may be an element of truth to that, if you’re a retailer, seller or trader of any sort, getting your customers to pay you with their credit or debit cards is most definitely advantageous, in a number of ways too.

I’m not suggesting you should only accept credit and debit card payments however as there will always be customers who insist on using cash. They have their reasons and you don’t want to have to effectively turn these customers away. Whatever line of business you’re in however, some of the available Merchant Account Solutions you can deploy will definitely enhance the manner in which you manage your cash flow in addition to attracting more customers who are lured in by the added convenience associated with the deployment of such solutions.

Safety and security

For your customers it’s safer to carry a debit or credit card than to walk around with large sums of physical cash and it’s safer for you too as something like a shopkeeper, since you’ll be keeping less cash in your cash register, making things like burglary considerations a lot more unattractive to any potential thieves targeting your business.


The convenience factor has multiplied further thanks to the likes of the Smartswipe credit card reader. Now this means you can take the service right to your customer’s door or right to wherever they are. Think pizza delivery man or any other similar service which can be enhanced by something like what is this ultimate tool in portable payment solutions. Nobody needs to know anymore that you’re carrying a credit card reader as this small device attached to your smartphone.

As is the case with the safety and security advantages, the advantage of convenience is enjoyed by both parties on either side of the transaction.

More efficient operation

The accounting / auditing department of your operation will thank you for what will undeniably be a much more efficient method of keeping the required transaction records to complete all the accounting and if you’re the bookkeeper in addition to wearing many other hats in your business, all the better for you — less work. Point of sale systems which operate in tandem with more of a digitised system for instance cut the complete process of having to manually add the financial transaction records to the bookkeeping ledger as this is handled by the integrated digital transaction recording system.

This works on the end of the paying customer as well — it’s much easier for them to look back on their bank statement to keep track of their financial records instead of having to remember all the details around the process of first going to an ATM and withdrawing physical cash to use in their purchases. So all in all, these solutions make for a more efficient method of operation.

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