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The Best Reasons To Join The Military

We think that there are a lot of peculiar concepts and misguided ideas about life in the armed forces. They probably came from the glorified films Hollywood has been producing for years. So, we have decided to set the record straight, pinpointing the best reasons to join the army that you have probably never thought of. You may have seen them in the ad campaigns, but we are going to unbox them and hopefully discover whether a career in the Army could be the right choice for you.

Get Fit



If you want a career where you will never be allowed to get unhealthy, the armed forces could be the right path. In fact, it could be the only path. There is no other job in the world that requires such a high level of fitness and stamina, except perhaps pretending to be a superhero. But the guys and girls in the armed forces are the real superheroes and they have got the bodies to prove it. You can forget about that flabby belly or those weak arms. Those body image problems will be in the past once you sign up for life in the armed forces.

Get Your Dream Career

We think the biggest misconception about the army is that it is a job that is all about shooting bad guys and saving the world. This will only be true if you are in the four percent that will actually end up in armed combat after signing up. Other members of the military take on important roles such as tech analysis and medical aid. The range of roles that you can take to serve your country without picking up a weapon are practically endless. If you have picked up a psych degree from a university, you can use it to help people with PTSD. In fact, any degree can most likely be utilized in some way through a military career.

Live Together

The military is one of the strongest support groups in the world. You may have heard the phrase “a good soldier never leaves a man behind.” When you join the military, you will find this is true. The army is like a family and the people with you will never leave your side. If you like, you can even live with them when you are on leave. There are corporate apartment rentals available for soldiers who are in the military. These luxury suites are based in a military housing area for soldiers serving. That means that you will always have your support team nearby in times of need.

Get Paid

Job security is a growing problem in the world today. Many people are stuck in dead-end jobs with no hope of saving enough to live comfortably when they retire. The average retirement age is now 75 and is expected to be at 80 by 2020. However, if you are part of the armed forces, you are guaranteed a pension plan after you retire to live the rest of your life in comfort.

So, there you have it. Serving in the military is not a bad career choice. It may actually be one of the best.

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