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Tips For Being A Successful Realtor

Over the years, we have evolved as a society to incorporate women in most job fields and in many cases they hold their own against, if not do better, than their male counterparts. However, there is one thing we can be sure of. In many ways, this is still a man’s world.

When considering buying a home, the head of household is, more often than not, still a man. So, as a female realtor, there are some things that you should keep in mind when settling up for that big sale. Below are three tips that will come in handy when closing on a home.

Stand Your Ground

As women, we are well acquainted with the daily struggle to prove that we are as worthy as our male counterparts. However, there are several big differences between the sexes. Most are there to support the traditional roles of the man and the woman. One of those differences is in our willingness to accept and face risk.

Men seem naturally suited for risky experiences as they have had, and still do in many cases, the burden of protection over family and friends. Women, in general, tend to shy away from risk in the interest of escaping situations where that protection is necessary. There are times that we must go against the flow.

The big sale is one of them. A woman must get the hang of the walk away, how to successfully bluff, and how to set the standard for the sale with little to wiggle room for negotiation. Now, a lady should always mind her manners, but there is no rule against standing your ground.

Get Outside Support

Have you ever had to do anything alone? We all have at one time or another. It can be daunting, to say the least. When we reach impasses in life and do not have the backup of friends or family, the progress to our goals is usually extremely hampered. That’s not to say we don’t reach them, but having the support of family and friends and even co-workers makes even the most arduous journeys more palatable.

Want to succeed as a realtor? Enlist the support, confidence, and even criticism of family and friends. The relationships we have with others can shape how we look at a tough sale or give us outside the box ideas that can change an impossible sale into a huge money maker.   

Broaden Your Horizons

As a realtor, in general, the name of the game is to make money. Selling houses is usually the number one conduit for cash. However, take the chance to look where other realtors will not. Take mobile homes, for example. Commision on these is usually low. In response, the majority of realtors tend not to bother with putting in the work to sell one.

However, another wonderful aspect of being a woman is that we tend to be the ones who spot the diamond in the rough first. Instead of just listing one at a time, put three or more on the market together.

On another note, consider commercial realty, as well. There will most likely be a little more work involved, but the commission will almost always be larger than residential. Remember, take those risks.

In the end, being a female realtor in a man’s world can prove to be very profitable if you stick to the suggestions above.

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