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Top Footwear Choices for Professional Women Who Want Healthy Feet

In professional business, there can be a stereotype as to what a “businesswoman” should look like. Pencil skirts, pant suits, and the ever-important black pumps frequently make it on the list of acceptable business attire. While heels have been a classically attractive option for women for centuries, the reality is that they are remarkably unhealthy for your feet, spine, and knees.


Fortunately, wearing shoes that are healthy for your feet and professional does not mean resorting to a chunky athletic sneaker. Professionalism still plays a huge part in how you look and dress, so all shoes should be looked at through the business lens. Included here are a few of the top footwear options for women who want to look great while keeping their feet in optimal health.


For those who just want to be barefoot all the time, minimalist shoes are likely your ideal. Flats have long been respected as a modestly professional option that allow your feet to feel comfortable and remain chic. Tieks are constructed from leather and are easily foldable to carry with you. The range of styles for these stylishly small shoes includes many neutral options, great for a variety of different work outfits.


If you want your shoe-buying purchase to help the planet, as well as your feet, Earthies may be just the option for you. With every pair of shoes purchased from them, they will plant a tree in your honor. Earthies works to create fashionable, professional shoes that offer an elevated level of comfort. They even have many options that include a slight heel, if you aren’t quite ready to give up your lift yet.

The most appealing element of Earthies is their improved footbed. The anatomically designed arch of the shoe works to increase touch points along the length of your sole, decreasing pressure in one area. Cupped support around the heel and toes prevents the sliding foot that can smash the toes during a long work day.

Insolia Inserts

If you just aren’t ready to give up your luxury name brand heels, there are ways to improve your comfort. An insole from Insolia can make your heels far more supportive and comfortable throughout your work day. Insolia inserts promise to reduce pressure on your forefoot by a third, allowing you to wear the shoes for 3x as long, as well as reduce oxygen demand while walking by as much as 25%.


For those hesitant about doing a footwear overhaul, it may be time to assess your physical needs rather than your fashion requirements. Any shoe that has a heel is causing damage to your foot, and increases your risk of bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, foot tension and more. Making the switch to a low or no heeled shoe can improve your long-term health and comfort in your feet, knees and spine.

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