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Top Paying Jobs In America For Women

Sadly, there still exists a significant wage gap in the United States between men and women performing the same job, and women are still battling for equality.  However, this is not to say that there are not plenty of excellent employment opportunities for women.  

Women have several options for high-paying careers, and plenty of perseverance to get the job done.  Check out a few of the most lucrative career paths for females living in the U.S. this year.  


Becoming a Pharmacist is not as easy as some people think.  Pharmacists have to go through some pretty grueling educational requirements before they are granted a license to dispense medications.  

Pharmacists are also qualified to conduct drug trials.  The average yearly income of a Pharmacist is $98,000, and the industry is very accommodating to women.  

Teaching high school

Teaching does not have the best reputation for being a money-making career, but some things are beginning to change in the world of education.  Some states are paying much more in hopes of recruiting the best of the best in teaching.  

In a career historically dominated by women, it is high time you get paid for all that hard work.  The topmost paying states for teachers in the U.S. are Alaska, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and California.


For quite some time, Nurses have been in high demand.  The field is not super competitive, and the pay certainly outweighs the effort.  Nursing is possibly the highest paying, historically female dominated, industry in the nation.  Nurses in the U.S. make an average of $87,000 per year.  

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Managers carry a load of responsibility, but they are paid fairly well.  The job of a Purchasing Manager typically includes overseeing the ordering of product and services for an organization, manage supplier relationships, and reviewing product quality.

The average national income for a female Purchasing Manager is $67,000 per year.  You may not get rich quick in this line of work, but it is not to be tossed to the wayside.  The ratio of responsibility to pay is favorable to pay.  

Software Developer

Becoming a Software Developer is a dream job for the less-social type of professional.  If you are great with computers, and understand the digital building process, then you will shine in a Software Development career.  

With a yearly median salary of $78,000, software development is nothing to disregard.  To break into this line of work, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering and a bit of creative ingenuity.  You should have no problem paying off your student loans with the stability of the software development industry.  

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