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Top reasons to host your communication solution in the cloud

Top reasons to host your communication solution in the cloudFor many businesses, being able to connect with their audience has become a major initiative, especially since interaction preferences continue to evolve with emerging technological advances. With these needs in mind, more organizations are moving their communications systems to the cloud in order to reap the potential benefits the technology can offer. While some decision makers may still be cautious about cloud-based products, the cloud is quickly becoming more company friendly as features are added. There are a few big reasons that organizations should host their communications in the cloud:

1. Lower costs

Possibly the biggest benefit that most businesses are looking for is the ability to save money. Cloud-based products help companies accomplish this by mitigating the need to purchase additional hardware. ShoreTel’s cloud communications solution, for example, is hosted by the provider, allowing organizations to focus their IT efforts on other tasks while the vendor manages the system. In this situation, the provider handles the move to the cloud, maintains user support and facilitates ongoing upgrades to ensure that the solution remains up to date with the business’s needs. This decreases overall operating and maintenance expenditures.

2. Better flexibility

As staff counts change and businesses move to different locations, managing communications details can be complicated. However, cloud telephony makes it simpler to access communication resources from any location, allowing organizations to move without switching numbers or needing additional installations. This capability gives more remote working opportunities to staff and can aid mobilization efforts. The cloud also makes it easier to add users and additional features to the company’s plan, enabling the solution to scale and accommodate the business’s growth. Because the solution relies on Internet connectivity, cloud-based communications will also be more reliable than traditional telephone lines.

3. More interoperability

One of the best things about cloud communications is its ability to work seamlessly with other systems. ShoreTel’s cloud unified communications solution, for example, allows users to have all of the tools of a UC solution through a cloud platform. Organizations can also add capabilities for VoIP, contact centers and integrated applications like CRM. In legacy telephony solutions, companies only had voice as their main channel of communications. However, cloud and UC offer businesses the ability to use voice features along with numerous other avenues like chat and videoconferencing to better serve customers.

As cloud communications evolve, organizations should consider transferring their system. With cloud-based phone systems, users will be able to see numerous benefits and help facilitate better connections with customers.

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