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TSB is back

Many of us will only know TSB as part of Lloyds TSB – the two banks have been together for some time now. However, since the split, we have seen Lloyds Banks on the high street, and now we can see the return of TSB proper. A lot of the kids won’t really understand the significance of this, but we adults know what it’s all about.

The new advert from TSB (which originally stood for Trustee Savings Bank) has been released, and you can view it in the embedded YouTube video on this very page. Narrated by the one and only Sir Patrick Stewart, it delves into the history of TSB. The animated short is just that – short – coming in at two and a half minutes, but it really conveys the heritage of TSB as a local, community driven bank.

The ad goes on to show that, although the public opinion of banks has changed over the years (particular in the last few, since the credit crisis and so on – represented by the “storm” in the video), the ideals of the Reverend Henry Duncan – the founder of TSB – have not, and that they still operate upon these ideals to this day.

The tagline at the end of the video, “welcome back to local banking,” signifies what this re-launch is all about. They are back and wanting to work in communities again, together with the people who actually use their services. They’re hoping to win back some of the public trust that the banking industry as a whole has lost, and are going the extra mile to show that they care about hard-working people, local families, and everyone in the community.

Local banking is back, and hopefully it’s here to stay. TSB have certainly put forward a strong opening case with their new video, so I’m going to quit talking and just let you watch it. What are you waiting for?

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