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Use These Techniques to Improve the Safety of Your Warehouse


Mark Hunter

Warehouses can be dangerous places. However, they’re necessary for many businesses to store their stock. If you have one for your company, you need to make an effort to keep it as safe as possible. Both your staff and any visitors need to be safe from accidents or any injuries. Your warehouse could have forklifts and other machinery, heavy products, and vehicles backing in and out. There could also be a risk of slips and falls and even fire, so maintaining safety is paramount. If you need to make your warehouse safer, keep reading to pick up some tips on how to do it.

Train Staff

A large part of maintaining safety in the warehouse is down to the people working in it. You have a duty to make the environment safe but you also need to teach them how to stay safe within it. Health and safety training could cover a number of topics. They include how to lift heavy objects. They should know how to behave appropriately when they’re working. They also need to know the risks that they could face while they’re working. Employees also need to know how to use any machinery or equipment. For example, anyone using a forklift should have a licence to use it.

Display Signs and Information

Even with their training, you need to provide reminders for your staff about how to behave. There could also be visitors to your warehouse too, who haven’t received the same training. You should display information about safety and health in the warehouse. Put up warnings and information about OSHA. Hazards should be appropriately labeled. And common procedures can be laid out and displayed somewhere prominent. Make sure you’re meeting any OSHA requirements so that you don’t get in trouble with them. Place safety information at regular intervals to ensure that staff can’t miss it.

Warehouse Setup

The way you set up your warehouse can make a significant difference to how safe it is. Using the right racking is an important factor to storing everything properly. Shelves need to be able to take the weight of your products, for example. You can choose to use storage that is designed to hold your products, whether it’s tires or clothing. There are other factors to consider too, such as using non-slip surfaces to help prevent trips and falls. You should also create a floor plan that allows for plenty of room for people or forklifts to make their way through.

Reward Staff for Safety

Since staff are also responsible for maintaining safety, it helps to give them incentives. There are several ways you can reward them for carrying out their work safely. For example, you can offer them paid time off or gift cards for excellent behavior. However, you should find out what motivates your staff best. Just try to center your scheme around rewards and not punishments.

It’s crucial that you spend time making your warehouse as safe as possible. It should be one of your highest priorities in the running of the building.


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