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Useful Tips That Will Help You Refurbish Your Shop’s Interior

If you realize that you are beginning to perform poorly, a quick shop makeover could be exactly what you need to brighten up your premises and bring those customers who were once loyal.

It does not matter which kind of business enterprise you run. Whether it’s a coffee lounge, an uptown cocktail bar, a street corner shop or just a store, you may be too busy to even realize that your shop needs a facelift. You tally up the figures and sort out the books, from morning to evening, leaving no time to take care of your shop. Sometimes it takes a facelift to bring back your business to its feet once again. In as much as hiring an interior designer is the best place to start from, there are often a number of things you can do before making that critical move.. This guide by John Worth Shopfitters gives some tips and advice on refurbishing your store.


It would be wise that you consider the size of your project before hand. Ask yourself if you need new furnishings, wallpapers or accessories. Will you need the room repainted? Or do you want to carry out an extensive repair on your shop? Do you need the services of a plumber or an electrician (in which case, you might wish to get it now so you know your project will be in good, professional hands)? As you can see, there are a lot of questions you need to answer before drawing that budget. For creative ideas, see interior design magazines, or showrooms. You can even visit your friend’s shop if they recently redecorated their’s. However, when looking for inspiration, it’s also important that you consider your own tastes and preferences. That would be in terms of colors, fabric, pattern and style. It all depends with the type of environment you are operating in. Even though a professional interior designer can give you tons of useful advice on how to go about your project, relying on them without considering your needs will make you end up with an interior that doesn’t suit your customers better.

To cut the chase, you are going to hire an architect for your restructuring needs. It may sound like an architect is too qualified for this job, but truth is, these professionals take the necessary measurements, provide you with detailed drawing together with the design that reflects how your ultimate shop should look like. These individuals are also trained to make good use of maximum light and space, so you can avoid extensive rewiring of your property. Remember that your starting point is to determine the scope of your project, have design ideas and then looking for more specific interior furnishing elements you wish to have in place once the project is done. Here are tips for shop refurbishment that you may find useful:

(a) Lighting
You can go for many options here. If you’d want to go a little bit fancier, you can choose to have an electrician from somewhere like Electrical Synergies ( come and fit spiraling bulbs, halogen lights or curvy fittings. The latest bulbs come in various colors as well as optical effects. If you find that traditional bulbs are too bright or glaring, why don’t you consider sun jars or lamps for a cozier and warm feeling?

(b) Flooring
Laminate and lino are cost effective when it comes to flooring. However, wooden floors provide a more original and rustic feel in a trendy uptown bar or club. On the other hand, carpeting and additional rugs are more convenient for indoor use. They are ideal for lounges as well. If your premises receives more traffic, ensure that you invest in coarse and durable flooring materials because these last long.

(c) Wall
Take advantage of the painting options available in the market. They come in different colors, so buy your own stencils and get your creative juices flowing. However, creating your own pattern may look tacky and a little bit untidy compared to modern paint jobs. You are also free to combine the two ideas for a more adventurous paint work.

(d) Furnishing and Accessories
You’re going to think of how best to stack the merchandise in your shop. If you go for cheap bins (which may sound ideal), they will look unattractive, compared to modern colorful bins which complement the overall interior of your shop. Your customers depend on the visuals, which means if the interior of your shop is attractive, it will pull them like a magnet. If your customers need to seat, you can invest in trendy stools–though armchairs and sofas are not ideal in this purpose as they appear more homely. Interior decoration is about trying out things and seeing what looks good and what doesn’t. Spruce up your walls with paintings, photos or images to break the monotony of plain walls.

(e) Outdoor
The outdoor look of your shop is what potential customers see before making a decision to visit you. So take advantage of this and make it as attractive as it can get. Take advantage of articulate signs designed with soft lighting effects because these catch the eye. You can talk to an electrician, like the ones from Boulden Brothers (visit their website), for example, about what outdoor lighting options would be best for your shop. As for the windows, go for fancy mannequins and stylish displays to attract those passing by.

How much will the refurbishment project cost you?
If you are inexperienced, it pays to hire a contractor to do the job for you. Realize that unprofessional finishes can scare off your potential customers.

Talking about the cost, it will vary depending on the extent of your project. However, basic painting and accessories excluding plumbing and rewiring will cost you anywhere between 5000 and 15000. If you want to upgrade to a more extensive scale, you’ll have to invest up to 50,000. Unfortunately, refurbishing your shop is a necessary investment. The good news is that within weeks, you could start seeing your loyal customers who ran away coming back, together with their referrals.

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