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Ways Women Can Stay Healthy in a Business Run Life

Business stresses can take a high toll an individual. When work runs your life, it can be very hard to take a step back and evaluate what needs to be done so that you can live a healthy lifestyle.


The average American will spend 8.7 hours in the office a day. Take into consideration that this is just the average. It doesn’t account for the part of the population that works off the clock to get things done, or the person who works overtime, or even the person who holds down two or three jobs to make ends meet.

How Much Time is Wasted

With this being said, it’s funny to state that a lot of time spent in the office is wasted time. According to a study conducted by Harris Poll, only 45 percent of time spent in the office is used for actual job description activities.

The rest of the time is allocated to emails and communication with team members, as well as meetings and administrative duties. There is also a good chunk of time spent on interruptions. Who really knows how much of that time is dead time spent chatting with coworkers, or completing a task that has no real importance to anything.

The point is, there is a lot of time spent at work and it’s hard to stay healthy in a business motivated lifestyle. Here are some ways women can stay healthy when life’s obstacles get in the way.

Use Lunch Hour Strategically

Many women might choose to use their lunch hour to get in their needed exercise for the day. This is a great option, but perhaps there is a better way that you can be doing this that will not only boost your endorphins and energy levels, but will also give you the boost you need creatively and possibly even inspirationally or spiritually.

Instead of taking to the company treadmill, consider going on a jog to the nearest place that will give you the creative boost you’re looking for. Park West Gallery puts a lot of effort into creating a unique environment that inspires people from all different walks of life. Why spend your valuable time staring at a blank wall when you could getting inspired by the beauty around?

Learn to Say No

It’s far too easy to get wrapped up in the desire to please people. It’s your life and you need to please yourself. You already work enough as it is, so the next time that someone asks you to take over a project, seriously think about your answer before you speak.

Will this project directly benefit you or someone else? Will your taking on of this project advance your career? Will you regret saying yes? Your health is greatly based on your happiness, how much stress you have, and how much sleep you get. Learn to say no and you’ll be much healthier for it.

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