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Women In Business: Equip Yourself With Key Website Design Concepts

Female entrepreneurs must prepare themselves for the long road ahead when entering the industry of their choosing, but they have an added burden.  Simply being a female adds a few extra hurdles to conquer, as the world has not yet fully embraced the equality and potential of the “fairer sex.”

Being a female entrepreneur places you in a league of your own, and you must be versatile in every way possible to succeed.  Wearing many different hats, and playing many different roles is extended to the business world.

It behooves you to equip yourself with the necessary tools to get your organization off the ground, and building a business website is a vital first step.  Here is a quick overview of a few of the most important concepts of business website design.

Navigation is crucial to function

A foundational element of every business website is its navigation setup.  Web users need a way to move around your content, and discover new information concerning your organization.  

Traditionally, adding a stationary navigation bar somewhere within your design will provide sufficient navigation options for web users.  This construction company’s website shows how clear and easy a stationary navigation option can be.  

Encourage communication through design

Communication is a huge part of running a successful business, and your website is a key tool for promoting a healthy connection between you and your target audiences.  Your design can easily be optimized to encourage visitors to leave their mark and share thoughts and experiences.

In addition to the standard “Contact Us” page on your website, visitors should encounter various other pleas for communication.  Learn how to integrate an effective call to action, and use this tool to gather valuable insight from web users.  

Mobile optimization is key

Your business website must be ready and designed to handle the heavy mobile traffic that is scouring the web every single day.  If you simply design your content to fit the larger screen of a PC or laptop, your mobile users will not have an equally proper experience.  

The quickest way to augment your design to adapt to the mobile user’s needs is to incorporate media queries into your coding.  Media queries will set your content up to automatically detect and adjust to the size of the screen currently viewing the information.  

Utilize the benefits of social media

Social media is a large part of making your mark on the digital community of the world.  If you add social media sharing buttons to your website’s design, you will have a much better chance of spreading your content and boosting digital visibility for your business.  

Add social media sharing icons throughout your design in strategic locations.  Your homepage, contact page, and every blog post are all great spots to give users the chance to share with their friends and family.

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