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Women In Marketing: Industries that Can Use Gender Diversification

Statistics and studies both show that women don’t have equality in the workplace. They make less money than men, they have fewer management jobs, and they still deal with gender discrimination on a regular basis. Specifically, regarding marketing, some industries could be significantly improved if they embraced gender diversification, and the sooner it happens, the better.

If you think about rehab marketing, the automotive industry, music branding, and information technology services, all of those industries could be helped by a woman’s perspective as it pertains to marketing. Consider the following examples.

Rehab Marketing

Both men and women end up dealing with addiction and the fallout that occurs when things get out of control. Both males and females go through recovery and have a lifetime of experiences afterward. So both male and female perspectives concerning rehab marketing would be valuable! Women marketers who understand how to connect with ladies going through addiction and recovery processes can find ways to specifically advertise to other women and relate them, especially when it comes to online connections.

The Automotive Industry

You might think that the automotive industry, in general, is a masculine conglomerate. However, there is nothing preventing women from choosing the car that they want and purchasing it. That’s why automotive marketing toward women needs to have a particular type of focus that relates to the gender identity issues in modern times. And though health and safety of children might be an initial point of interest, there are lots of women who are interested in identifying with style, power, and other aspects of owning the vehicle as well. Having a woman’s perspective in advertising and marketing for a car company would be a huge benefit all around.

Music Branding

Men hold most of the power in the music industry. But if you think about Taylor Swift’s career or the careers of female pop stars like Castro were BeyoncĂ©, you can see a tremendous opportunity for women to showcase their perspective on marketing toward the concept of women’s empowerment. Just because music executives have largely been male in the past, that doesn’t mean that women can’t shape the future by being more assertive in the industry.

Information Technology Services

The biggest companies in the world right now include tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. How many women are taking charge at those places? And how many women use information technology services? That discrepancy is enormous, and the more women that get involved with marketing information technology toward women, the sooner gender dispersed vacation will take place. When more females start working on programming software and creating information technology structures, the more chance the industry will have to incorporate a broader range of perspectives.

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