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Women On the Move: Staying Healthy and Safe On Your Travels

Whenever you travel for business, there are extra considerations that you have to account for in order to stay healthy and safe. No matter what your industry is, and no matter what your job is, you need to have the energy to complete your tasks, and doing that while on any kind of a travel plan can be extremely difficult.


To help you navigate your way through this puzzle, consider medical preparation, knowing how to handle food on the go, having a few ways to destress yourself under different conditions, working backwards from meeting times, and going on dry runs before heading to actual meetings.

Medical Considerations

Women have slightly different medical considerations than men when it comes to travel accountability. One obvious one is when there’s any sort of pregnancy situation in play. Before traveling, always talk to your doctor about medications for everything from insomnia because of jet lag, to anti-nausea medicine for the flight or train trip to your destination. Accurate medical advice is extremely important in order to have a successful business trip.

Food on the Go

For the business woman’s ideal nutrition to remain consistent, it’s good to plan ahead with snacks that match your typical diet. One popular type of diet currently is the Mediterranean Diet that’s taking the world by storm. With a good balance of snacks that fit within that dietary guideline, you’ll be able to keep your energy up, and it will also make you look confident in your eating choices in front of new clients you’ll be meeting up with.

Habits To De-stress

Women know that they deal with a different pattern of stress than men do. There’s a different set of pressure with regard to appearance, work ethic, and even opportunities to speak up about ideas. If stress is starting to get to you, pull out some stress reduction techniques, breathe, and keep on with your primary focus. Everyone deals with challenges – the people who come out ahead are the ones who are the most prepared.

Working Backwards From Meeting Times

If you know when your next meeting is going to be, to avoid any kind of rushing, do your scheduling backwards from when you need to be somewhere. This will help you be on time for everything, and allow you to fit in everything from proper meals to the right amount of gentle exercise to keep your energy up.

Going On Dry Runs While Traveling

And finally, when you’re out traveling on business, to stay safe you should go on dry runs to certain areas before you actually need to be somewhere. This will allow you to check on the safety of things like public transportation or parking lots.

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