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New Mortgage = New Life

New beginnings are sought after by most people and if you are one of them, a new home can match the whole experience. Life transition will be complements by purchasing a new home. It could be from getting married, finding a new job or even retiring. These days mortgage is super tight and there are some things that you want ... Read More »

How Video Trends Have Increased the Need for Businesses to Upgrade Their Internet Bandwidth

When you think about the fact that companies like Microsoft are actually encouraging their employees to stream video at work, it’s no surprise that more and more companies have to upgrade their internet bandwidth in order to keep their networks running at a comfortable speed. It’s tough to run an office at all with low bandwidth, whether or not employees ... Read More »

Credit Card Fraud – Ways Businesses Can Avoid Them

The Commerce Department has released figures that indicate increased retail sales (1.1%) in the month of February 2013 totaling $421.4 billion. This has been the highest rise since the month of September 2012. This directly means that there has been an increase in credit card transactions and an increased risk of credit card frauds and unfair practices.   Recent reports ... Read More »

What Do You Have To Do To Become A Contractor?

Students as well as others who want to become contractors and build their own businesses should first find out how they can become a contractor. It is a goal that anyone can achieve, though it takes some time and experience. However, a career as a contractor can be a lucrative one. The steps involved in becoming a contractor, right from ... Read More »

Some Guidelines For First-Time Contractors

To move from permanent employment to contracting is a tough decision to make for many people. This is because of the myths associated with contracting jobs some of them being the income may not be much more than that one can get in a permanent job, skills will become outdated, contractors are liable for costly errors, etc. These are not ... Read More »

Freelance: The Way Forward In IT?

Are we seeing the end of the concept “Job for life”? If yes, is freelance work and contracting the way forward when it comes to information technology? The option of working as a contractor or a freelancer is always open for experienced IT professionals. The main reason as to why many of them take up contacting is that it presents ... Read More »

Umbrella Company – How Does It Work

When a contractor enters into an agreement with a client or an employment agency, the umbrella company becomes the contractor’s employer for tax purposes. This offers an alternative to establishing a Limited Company by the contractors themselves. Further, if the contractor’s agreement is outside the purview of IR35, it becomes a very cost effective operation. The umbrella company issues the ... Read More »

How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer

It is great to be a freelancer as you will be your own boss and you can take up projects that you are interested in working on. However, you need to market yourself well in order build a good clientele. As a freelancer, you have to be an expert in your own field as well as marketing your skills. Set ... Read More »

How To Set Up A Limited Company Correctly

One of the most preferred legal business structures in the United Kingdom, other than being a sole trader, is a limited liability company. This business structure, as the name implies, is one wherein the liability of the directors of the company is limited. The company’s finances are treated as separate from personal finances of the directors. This is not so ... Read More »

New Accounting Advice Site For IT Contractors

Contract Eye Limited, a publisher of business information, has launched a brand new microsite ITCA, specifically meant for IT contractors based in the United Kingdom. This is useful for those contractors who find it necessary to hire services of specialist accounting firms. Contract Eye Limited is a highly sought after business information provider in the United Kingdom for contractors and ... Read More »