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The name badge and the business

The name badge and the business

Whether you are browsing the high-street or popping into your local Starbucks for a coffee, you will be greeted with staff members all sporting name badges. While this may seem like a simple addition to an employee’s uniform, the name badge offers a wealth of benefits for businesses. Here are just a few:




We’ve all been the ‘new girl’ at work at some point in our lives. Think back to when you started in your current job – how long did it take you to remember everybody’s names? For most people, it takes a while, which can leave you feeling unwilling to approach someone if you are not quite sure of their name. Name badges eradicate this by displaying an individual’s name for all to see, improving how your staff interact with one another.


If your business is customer facing, you will understand the importance of receiving feedback. It is an opportunity to deliver praise, rectify problems and improve the company on the whole.  If a member of staff is not wearing a name badge, the customer will send you generalised feedback as they will not know who they have dealt with. Name badges allow for specific feedback that can help you take more appropriate and effective action.

Company Image

In the past, a name badge largely consisted of a plain rectangular design with a clear plastic window. Nowadays, you can get name badges in a variety of styles, colours and professional designs made from companies like Badgemaster. You will be able to capture your company’s look perfectly, increasing your company’s professional image.

Improve Performance

Many business owners have found that having their staff wearing name badges has improved their performance. Staff will take pride in the company when wearing the badge, and aim to carry out their work to the best of their ability.

As you can see, the humble name badge can radically improve your business.

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