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3 Ways Women Can Deal With The Stresses of Work

While almost everyone feels some amount of stress from their job, it’s been found that women actually feel a lot more workplace stress than men do as they grow and mature. Although the reasons for this additional stress are varied, it’s important to know how to address this stress so that women can be as successful and accomplished in the workplace as they want to be. So to help all those women out there who feel that their responsibilities at work, home, and everywhere else are just too much to handle sometimes, here are three things you can do that will help you deal with stress in a healthy way rather than an unhealthy way.

Allow Yourself to Unplug

One of the hardest things about being a modern professional is the ability to work from anywhere and during any time. While this can be beneficial for your business, for the mental health of the employees, this isn’t always a good thing. To give yourself a break from the stresses of work, you have to take a break from exposing yourself to the stresses of work. To do this, Alex Holder, a contributor to Elle UK, recommends setting some time after work hours where you won’t do anything for work. This includes looking at your phone, preparing for tomorrow’s workday, or chatting with friends or coworkers about work. By allowing yourself time to unplug from all of work’s stresses, you’ll be better able to cope when you have to face those stresses head on.

Reframe Your State of Mind

According to Andrea S. Kramer and Alton B. Harris, contributors to the Harvard Business Review, a lot of the stress women feel at work comes as a result of having to fight against female stereotypes in the workplace. And although stereotypes are brought on by people other than yourself, there are things women can do to make themselves feel like they have control over how those stereotypes affect their own feelings about themselves. Some strategies for overcoming the internal pressures of these stereotypes include taking on some of the confidence of a stereotypical man before you take on a big work project and refusing to view yourself through the lens of gender but rather seeing yourself for your own personal accomplishments or qualifications.

Call Your Mom

When women feel stressed, talking it out is one of the best ways to get those feelings out of your head. And according to Anne Harding, a contributor to, calling your mother will actually be more beneficial to you than talking to most other people. The study shared by Harding claims that when daughters speak to their mothers, key stress hormones are reduced and oxytocin is released in the brain. While this usually only works if you have a decent relationship with your mom, talking to someone in general can help reduce the stress you feel and help you prepare for whatever professional hurdles you’re about to face.

If you frequently feel stressed at work or as a result of working, use the tips mentioned above to help you eliminate some of that stress from your life.

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