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5 Ways SEO Will Help Boost Your Business



If you run a business and own a website, you’ve probably heard of SEO before. This little acronym is one of the most talked about aspects of digital marketing. Yet, it is also one of the most misunderstood. There are so many myths and downright lies floating around out there, it’s easy to ignore it all completely. Many website owners dismiss it as too complicated or too long-winded (it does take a while). But we’re here to tell you that SEO still matters. And it will still matter long into the future. Here’s why.

1. You could find yourself on the first page of Google’s results

Here’s the truth about Google users. 70% of people never go past the first page. A staggering 33% only ever click on the top result. That’s an enormous amount of the world’s traffic that is only visiting a select few websites. If you’re not one of those sites, you’re destined to fight it out for the smaller chunks of readers. Google matters because they’ll send thousands of visitors to your site every single day.

2. SEO will help you reach your target audience

In the digital world, the business with a sharp target audience always wins. You’ve got to find a niche audience that is highly interested in what you’re offering. SEO helps you do that. By focusing your keywords on highly specialist search terms, it’s quite easy to move up the Google rankings. Once you rank on the first page for the keyword ‘polkadot bowties’, you’ve tapped into your target market! Use SEO to find your best customers.

3. Build your reputation and perception

Any good SEO company will tell you that search engine optimization isn’t just about visitors and sales. It’s also about the professional image you portray online. When your business appears on the first page of Google, it presents a level of authority. It makes your website look professional and reliable. Your customers are much more likely to trust you, and your competitors will hold you in higher regard.

4. Spread your content

We all know how important content is to your digital marketing strategy. It gives you a clear, defined voice, and builds your reputation as an expert. It also helps you reach out to more people, and secure more leads. SEO helps push your content out in front of more customers. It gives you a better chance of ranking high on Google, and helps you build a stronger business.

5. Increase your sales

At the end of the day, SEO helps you drive more sales. Moving up the ranks on Google will drive more people to your site. That means more conversions, and more sales. It strengthens your reputation, so people are more likely to buy from you. Quite simply, SEO is one of the most lucrative returns on investment you will ever make.

If you’ve been considering an SEO strategy, now is the time to put it into action. Hopefully, these few pointers will convince you of the many benefits! Good luck!


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