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A Helping Hand: Careers Promoting Good Will

 If you care about people and want to do your best to help them, today’s educational system offers multiple degree choices in people-oriented fields such as conflict resolution and social work. These focused fields of study are designed to guide students’ personal talents and abilities in workable ways that are needed in the modern workplace, as well as society. Such degree programs can help you put your good will to work for everyone.


The ABCs of Conflict Resolution

 Conflict resolution is an interdisciplinary field that blends political science, international relations, religion, sociology, law, public policy, anthropology, communications, and psychology. It began as a recognized professional effort after World War II ended, based on the realization that conflicts must be peacefully resolved with a sense of at least some satisfaction for all parties.

 The skill—and indeed, the art—of resolving conflicts is meant to ultimately bring peace of mind. When the strife and tension end, individuals can work better and have a higher quality of life. Communities can boost their productivity, and governments can offer solutions that are fair to all parties. For this field, it is best if you possess these abilities:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Thinking critically
  • Relating well to others
  • Making decisions

Get Paid to Make Peace

 If your interests and passions are wide, you may want to consider working at solving conflicts. A degree and career in conflict resolution is not limited to any one field. There are many ways you can use your conflict resolution degree and realize your desire to help others. Professionals in reconciliation are needed in politics and diplomacy as well as in the corporate sector and in law. Religious and community organizations also need reconciliation professionals, as do labor unions and educational institutions.

Social Work

 Another field you may want to consider is social work. Social workers help people function the best they can in their environment. They may help others by offering direct services and therapy, or they can work for changes that improve the overall social condition. If you care about people, want to relieve suffering and make living conditions better, and want your work to make a difference, social work may be for you. Universities may offer several degree options to prepare students for different types of social work. For example, learn more about case western’s social work degree options.

Specialties Within Social Work

 The field of social work has numerous specialized areas. Here are some examples:

  • Child welfare
  • Developmental difficulties
  • Aging
  • Substance abuse and addictions
  • Health care
  • Employment and occupational social work
  • Public welfare
  • School social work
  • Justice and corrections

Social workers can focus their energies on many different options in this diverse and rewarding field. The bottom line is that they help people help themselves. However, social workers do more than help clients change how they feel about situations. They also help these clients find their own acceptable ways to deal with problems.

 The fields of conflict resolution and social work are great choices if you want to help others, promote peace, and improve living conditions. Various degree options can prepare you for a number of specialized areas within each field. If you have a vision of good will, these fields can help you make it real.

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