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cityFive Great Careers For Women That Love Houses

Whether you simply love decorating homes, or you really get into picking out homes that are perfect for your friends and family, there are numerous careers that revolve around the love of houses. As a strong and independent woman, you can easily take on any of these career ideas and turn them into successful business ventures.


You definitely need to have a love for home for each of these career paths. Each one of them is different, and each will will take you on a different adventure in the world of career women. If you are ready to make homes your business, here are some career ideas for you.

House Flipper

One of the most recent house related careers that many people are getting into these days is flipping houses. When it comes to house flipping you need to be handy at fixing fixer uppers, which includes having some experience in things like plumbing and electricity. If you don’t, then you want to have some friends that do so that you can work on keeping costs down.

The key to flipping houses is to purchase a house at a low price, fix it up, and resell it at a profit. This can be both a fun and lucrative career for someone that has the drive, and ability, to remodel homes.

Interior Designer

If you have an eye for color and enjoy shopping for furniture and decor, a career as an interior designer is the perfect career for you. You need to know the latest home styles and the latest popular colors. You also need to know what is popular in vintage decor, including colors.

In this business you’ll get hired by people to make their homes look worthy of the cover of house beautiful. It takes some real talent and an eye for design to pull that off.

Real Estate Agent

If you have a knack for sales, and you love houses, you may want to become a real estate agent. The best agents have a talent for staging houses as well, so it helps to have an eye for design too. You’ll need some schooling and a license, but it’s well worth it for people driven for sales success.


If you enjoy homes, and home repairs, but don’t want to sell or decorate, you could always become a landlord. Investing in rental property can be a great adventure, and ensures you residual income monthly. It does take a lot of work though, as you’re responsible for all the things that go wrong for your tenants, like clogged drains and broken windows.


Lastly, if you have a love, and talent, for cleaning, starting your own maid or cleaning business could be the perfect career for you. Everyone, at some point, wishes that they could hire someone to clean their homes for them, and many people employ cleaners on a regular basis. You could also manage a whole team of maids or cleaners.

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