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Clever Ways to Make Your Staff More Creative and Productive


ScratchEd Team

All businesses need creative thinkers. Even if your company is based on hard facts, you still need people who are able to think outside of the box. Unfortunately, even the most creative people can find it hard to come up with ideas in an office. If you’re not careful, your workplace can feel stifling and anything but inspiring. If you feel like your employees aren’t reaching their full potential, there are many things you can do to help them think bigger. Changing how they work and even where they work can make it easier for them to work creatively and productively. Try some of the ideas below to get their brains in gear.

Encourage Creative Thinking

One of the most direct ways to get your employees thinking more creatively is to encourage it actively. There are a few things you can do to reward people going above and beyond to think in more creative ways. You could set goals for your staff to come up with ideas that will help better the business. Then provide rewards for meeting them. If you want to make it easier for people to share, offer a way for them to confidentially and anonymously do so. People who wish to put ideas forward but are unsure about the outcome could feel more at ease.

Join a Community

Sometimes your work environment isn’t suitable for your business. If you’re a creative company but you’re situated in an office with cubicles, it’s probably not for you. One fantastic way to base your company somewhere more innovative is co-working. You can join a community of like-minded business people. This allows you to create a more productive atmosphere. It’s becoming more popular, so you can find plenty of modern co-working spaces. People can bounce ideas off each other and learn from what other small businesses are doing. It’s like having a networking event that takes place all day, every day.

Let People Work in Their Own Way

Not everyone works in the same way. Some people prefer quiet while others need noise. Some of your employees might write things down. Meanwhile, others might doodle or even speak out loud when they’re thinking. Try to think of ways that people could be allowed to work using the methods they prefer. Provide quiet spaces for introverts and group areas for those who want to talk, for example.

Provide Inspiration and Outlets

Your staff need to feel inspired. And they need to have somewhere to express their creativity. Inspiring your employees could take the form of decorating the office. It could also be giving them desk toys or hosting seminars. You can provide different outlets for creativity too. For example, give them drawing pads, notebooks, and whiteboards. Think about your brand when you consider these things. You want something that fits in with your company and how you want your employees to think.

Getting your staff to think creatively can be very simple, or it could be harder. If you’re struggling, try to change things around at the office.


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