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Designing A Website Aimed Towards Women

One of the major concepts behind commercial web design is the art of truly understanding the audience.  Marketing a product to men is much different than how a designer might choose to market a product for women.  

Though “feminine” and “masculine” are very clear-cut terms that do not always fit the individual, commercial industries tend to categorize targets in a more general manner, as opposed to seeking out the individual.  

Having stated such things, what really makes a design feminine or masculine?  Can we really manipulate design in such a way that it will appeal to the female eye more so than a man?  Take a moment to read over this quick summary of a few of the best ways to design a website that will attract a feminine target audience.   

Text and typography that draws the ladies

In person, it is easy to tell the difference between a man’s handwriting and a woman’s handwriting, most of the time.  That is because women tend to write more curved and bubbly letter shapes, and men are more rigid and messy in their script.  

In terms of web design, men are drawn to the simple fonts like this blog post displays.  When the goal is to appeal to the females, it pays to choose fonts that have a scripted or handwritten appeal to their look.  A few of the best feminine font choices consist of Arizona, Black Rose, Ballpark, Jenna Sue, and League Script.  

The color palette used in the design makes a difference

Based on numerous public studies on color appeal, women prefer green tones more than any other color, while men are drawn to neutral browns and gray tones.  Both sexes were shown to enjoy the blue hues on the color wheel.  

For drawing more feminine attention to a web design, stick to bright color schemes, high contrast (for readability), and the occasional mix of pastels.  Many of these colors are built right into the leading web design software programs.  

Visual images that are pleasing to the feminine eye

Not to be too cliche, but women really do enjoy small, furry animals, babies, and other cute depictions of life.  They also enjoy floral patterns and soft lines.  

For the strong business woman, it is best to include images that depict women who are in charge.  Typically ads might show a strong business woman surrounded by shirtless men who seem to be fawning all over her and adoring her greatness.  

Change the tone in which the content communicates

The tone of the language used to communicate a message to women is very important.  Women speak differently than men.  

A friendly and more casual tone of voice is best for attracting the fairer sex.  Avoid using large words and complicated phrases.  Women prefer contractions and parenthetical phrases (like this one).  

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