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Do You Need a Career Change? Why You Need to Set Up Your Own Laundrette Business

If you are in dire need of a career change, have you considered starting your own business? Start-ups and SMEs are increasingly growing within the UK as more and more people are taking chances and starting their own companies. Many people, who are disenfranchised with their jobs, are setting up their own businesses and making their careers work for them in a more positive way.

Some people have set up their own companies as they wanted a complete career change and wanted to challenge themselves professionally, when they have felt that they have become stagnated in their current role.

Whatever your motivation may be if you want to change your professional life for the better, you should consider setting up your own laundrette service.

As the economy becomes more stable, an increasing number of homeowners are employing the services of cleaning professionals to ensure that their homes remain in immaculate condition. However, this market has been saturated. An increasing number of people are desperately seeking the services of professional laundry companies as their busy lives mean that they spend more time at work, giving them less time to complete important household chores. Laundrette services are few and far between in the UK and so by starting your own laundrette service you would be meeting customer demands.



Remember, you will need to invest money into professional, commercial equipment such as the Whirlpool 3LWTW5550YW Top Loader to ensure your client’s clothes are cleaned to perfection. Domestic items will simply not be up to the task of constant and repeated use. By investing in specialist commercial equipment, you are ensuring the longevity of your business that will allow you to keep up with client demands.

There are many positives to setting up your own laundrette service. In short, it is extremely profitable very quickly. Your business will generate revenue in no time at all. Most laundrette services can be operated on a part time or full time basis, which means that you can set up your company to suit your own needs. If you wanted a career change due to a lack of flexibility, you can get that much needed flexibility by running your own laundrette service.

Think about where your talents lie: do you like to be involved in the detail of the business and being involved in all aspects of your company? Or do your skills lie in a more administrative and managerial role? You could build and manage teams to undertake the work on your behalf and manage a small number of laundrette outlets.  You can create a company that suits you, your style of work and uses your brilliant talents and existing skill set to make your company both viable and profitable.

Very few industries offer these fantastic benefits. What is more, the laundrette service is only going to grow in the future. If you have a niche talent, exploit it.

The world of clothes laundering may not entirely be the most glamorous job in the world, but with a savvy business brain you could build a profitable business.

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