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Essential Skills Your Graphic Designer Must-Have

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You are probably well aware of this fact, but websites are a huge part of the business industry today. In fact, they have taken over to the point where their importance is almost unparalleled. You won’t find a business that takes itself seriously that doesn’t have a website. And there lies the problem. Websites can be the difference between success and failure, but everyone has one. Just how are you supposed to stand out from the crowd? Firstly you need a graphic designer. And secondly, you need a good graphic designer! These are the traits of the best designers on the market.

1.    Creativity

As your website needs to stand out, the creator needs a lot of creativity. Not only do they need to put your words into action, but they also need to be original. Now, if that sounds like a difficult job it is because it is a difficult job. Without a sprinkling of creativity, your website will look like every other website on the cyber highway.

2.    Design Software

How comfortable are they using design software? Better yet, what software can they use and how well can they use said software? Their ability with the software will determine how well your website looks when it is done. But, the type of software they use will determine how unique your website is when it is completed. The average graphic design expert will use Photoshop to design a site. However, some of the more proficient will use a mix of Illustrator and InDesign, too. A wide range of software gives them more flexibility and allows them to adapt to the change in tech.

3.    Adaptability

Speaking of being adaptable with software, it is a good trait to have all across the board. Graphic design is like most facets of technology in the fact that it is constantly evolving. As the technology evolves, the expert needs to evolve as well to maximize the results. If your graphic designer can only use certain programs or doesn’t know of certain software, it is a sign that they are not adaptable.

4.    Knowledge Of The Industry

Anyone who can see the changes before they happen is always going to be one step ahead of the competition. And, because graphic design changes on a regular basis, there is plenty of scope to get a foothold over the competition. But, you cannot exploit these new changes because you are not the expert. Only the expert is expected to keep abreast of the industry and have a certain amount of knowledge. Then, they can use this knowledge to the benefit of their clients. After all, it is their job!

5.    Basic Code

The code is what designers use to build your site. The main codes are HTML and CSS, and they form the backbone of the website. Any self-respecting graphic designer needs to understand HTML and CSS and speak their language. If they don’t, they will struggle to form the structure and layout of your site.

The code is one of the most basic skills you should expect from any designer.

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